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Zipporah Kwamboka Machongo was born and raised in Nyambaria village of Magombo location, Manga sub-county in Nyamira County and is the last born in a family of ten. The mother of three is married in the same area of Magombo ward where she was raised. She schooled at Nyambaria Primary School and Gekere Secondary School before joining the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) where she graduated with a Certificate in Management. Her motivation to vie for an elective Member of County Assembly for Magombo ward comes from an inner desire to offer impactful leadership which she has already begun offering on an individual capacity where she has been offering both social and material support to the community members. Her vision is to bring development to the ward through the construction of feeder roads, improved education through improved and equitable bursary allocation and improved agriculture.

Zipporah contested a civic seat on a NARC party ticket in 2007 and emerged third out of fifteen candidates who had contested the same position. After losing, she didn’t look back on the people of Maamba ward since she has been involved in projects that are aimed to develop both the citizens and the ward.She also serves as an active member of a local group known as Junior Self Help Group which plants nappier grass and trees for sale. She also serves as the Secretary of Marikebu SACCO and is in charge of supervision of loan issuance to members. Under her leadership, the SACCO has invested in a 14-seater public service vehicle that plies the Nyamira-Kisii road that generates income for the members and they are in advanced stages to buy more PSVs. Zipporah also serves as the Secretary General of Magombo market where shes been able to lobby members to invest in event organizing whereby they have purchased tents and chairs for hire during local events. The members of this group have also been able to join the Wakenya Pamoja SACCO that has enabled them to access credit facilities. She also seats on the dispute resolution team of the market to solve conflicts among traders and traders or traders and clients.

Development Agenda:  


Magombo ward has very poor feeder roads thus affecting transportation of goods and movement of people. Local markets in the area also do not have street lights thus trader’s sale their products at night using lantern lights. Zipporah intends to lobby the county assembly to set aside funds to open up and upgrade feeder roads to ease the movement of people and goods within the ward. She also purposes to lobby the county government to install street lights in every market within the ward.


Women and girls from Magombo ward walk long distances in search of water from rivers and springs that are contaminated thus exposing them to the dangers of water borne infection. Zipporah intends to lobby the county government to sink boreholes across the ward and set up water reservoirs to take advantage of the abundant rain in the region and store it for future use. She also intends to work closely with other stakeholders to fund more water projects within the ward.


High poverty levels within the ward has locked many children from accessing quality education and the ward also faces the problem of a high number of school drop outs. Zipporah purposes to lobby the county government to allocate more bursary funds and ensure that it is distributed fairly to the needy students. She also intends to create a special ward bursary kitty through funds raised by well-wishers and donors to support more needy students access education.


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July 24, 2017

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