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Zipporah was born 61 years ago in Kathiani sub-county, Mitaboni location Machakos County. She is the fourth born in a family of nine. She went to school at Mitaboni Primary School and later joined Misyani Girls’ High School for her ‘O’ levels. She joined Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) where she graduated with a diploma in Education Management.  Zipporah was motivated to leadership by Hon. Martha Karua and Charity Ngilu who have proven that women can also deliver in leadership position. Her vision is to bring developments in Kangundo East ward and her slogan is “Mama wa Maendeleo”

Zipporah has served as a head teacher and teacher for thirty years in different primary schools. She started a unit for the mentally handicapped children in Manyatta AIC primary in 2010 where she sourced funds from the National Funds for the disabled of Kenya (NFDK) to start a dormitory unit and buy learning materials. She also linked the school with the ministry of education which has been supported with funds to date. She was the chair person gender and social services in Kangundo Sub-county, a delegate Maendeleo ya Wanawake Kangundo Sub-county and the coordinator in National Government Affirmative Action Funds (NGAAF) Kangundo sub-county. In 2013 she started a school for the orphans and most vulnerable children. She has managed to employ 8 teachers and provided Orphans and Vulnerable Children with free education in her ward. She has also managed to provide scholarships to bright students and help many children benefit from bursaries to access education.

Development Agenda:  


Many parents in Kangundo East ward are poor and are not able to raise fees to cater for their children’s education. Once Zipporah is elected as the MCA, she will ensure all children from poor backgrounds benefit from bursaries and also search for sponsors to educate the bright children to be able to pursue higher education. Zipporah will also ensure all vocational training centers are revived and equipped for youth who drop out of school to gain skills which will enable them secure jobs.

Youth and Women empowerment

Many youth and women in Kangundo East ward lack sources of incomes and capital to start small businesses. Zipporah will Uwezo and youth enterprise funds benefit as many youth and women as possible to start projects and businesses. She will also partner with different institutions and Non Governmental Organizations to build the capacity of women and youth on different areas like table banking, soap making skills, beads making and baking among others. This will enable them to engage in income generating activities to provide them with incomes to support themselves and their families. Youth will also be encouraged to join vocational institutions to provide them with necessary skills which will help them to get jobs as well as create opportunities for self employments thus raising living standards of the locals.


Many people don’t have access to clean safe drinking water especially in dry seasons where they walk for long distances in search of water. Water from rivers is not clean for drinking and has resulted to the spread of water borne diseases. Once she gets elected as the Member of County Assembly she will work with county government to ensure that boreholes are drilled to provide people with cleans safe drinking water. She will also work with women groups and help them purchase water tanks in their homes to store water during the rainy season for use during dry seasons.

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July 23, 2017

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