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Winnie Kaburu was born and raised in Maua, Meru. She attended In-mano Girls Primary School before joining Asumbi Girls High School for her secondary school education. Upon graduation, she joined university for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. Winnie holds a Master of Arts in Gender and Development.

Motivated by the years she has worked in the private sector and the experiences gained there, Winnie’s vision is to lead her constituents to realize their dreams with a particular focus on youth and women by proper utilization of resources to improve their lives.

Winnie has worked with KEPSA for seven years where she was the Vice Chairperson and is the chairperson of many organizations that include Fair Trade and NASWORK (National Association of Self-Employed Women of Kenya). She previously run as a Deputy Presidential candidate in 2013 alongside Prof. Ole Kiyapi, and was the Deputy Party Leader for the Restore and Build Kenya (RBK) political party.

A servant leader, she received the IISE award from the former President Mwai Kibaki. Winnie sits on the board of many schools in Meru county, pushing for improved education standards and outcomes.

Development Agenda:  


Miraa which is a prime cash crop in Meru county has been banned resulting in loss of livelihoods for many families in the county. Additionally, other crops which grow well in the area fetch very little in the market due to unscrupulous dealers and middlemen. If elected, Winnie intends to lobby for consultative addressing around key cash crops from the region that includes miraa, tea, bananas and macadamia nuts through linking the products and farmers with better markets and advocating for value addition on the crops for better market reception and pricing.


Women in the county have many small businesses but lack training on savings or how to grow their businesses. If elected Governor, she intends to encourage increase skills building on savings and business growth targeting women to enable them run better and more sustainable businesses. She also intends to encourage more youth to venture into informal industries such as jua kali to improve the county’s economy.

Water and Infrastructure

Meru faces challenges in insufficient clean water for domestic use, with women taking a lot of time and walking long distances to fetch water. Roads are also in poor shape. If elected, she intends to push for access to clean water by all through bringing water as closely  as possible across the county, and improving the roads infrastructure to allow her constituents have better roads that will enable them take their products to wider markets.

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