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Susan Kihika comes from Nakuru county. Daughter of the late formidable politician Kihika Kimani, she is aptly nicknamed the ‘Iron Lady’ of Nakuru politics, she has successfully made inroads in a male dominated County where only one woman, Hon Eunice Muriithi, made it as an elected Member of the County Assembly (MCA).

She previously contested unsuccessfully for the Bahati parliamentary seat in Nakuru County in 2013. Not dampened by this loss, she offered her candidature for the Speaker of the County Assembly, defeating twelve men to win the seat as the first woman Speaker of the Assembly under the new constitutional dispensation. Her motivation comes from the desire to follow her father’s footsteps and the tenacity to rise above challenges in order to excel, while also acknowledging the Nakuru county constituents faith in her leadership as a driving motivator. Her vision is to see both genders unite to reduce gender parity and see the implementation of the constitution in its true spirit. Hon. Kihika’s vision is to see peaceful coexistence within Nakuru county.

A lawyer by training, Hon. Kihika was admitted to the bar and licensed to practice as a lawyer in the State of Texas and in the United States Federal Court. This background toughened and prepared her for the role where she was able to effectively take charge of members in the county assembly and ensure they play the oversight role to the Executive without fear. The Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly and Senate aspirant, Hon, Kihika’s role involves ensuring   that the Standing Orders and Rules of the Assembly are adhered to by all as well as interpreting and enforcing these orders while she was officiating debates. Guided by ethics and integrity, Hon. Kihika is not afraid to go against the decisions of the Executive, if there is merit to do so. For instance, in 2013 as the Chair of the County Assembly Vetting and Approval on Appointments, she led the House to reject six appointees to the Executive Committee positions presented by the Governor due to flawed nominations.  Able to work across all ethnic, gender and age divides, she has also been involved in various activities within the community. This includes promoting peaceful integration among various ethnic communities living in Nakuru, advocating for social issues, supporting economic empowerment initiatives such as fundraising for a new motorcycle Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization and addressing insecurity. A gender advocate and peace crusader, Hon. Kihika has also joined other leaders in their programs to support the community.

Development Agenda:  

Peaceful Coexistence

Nakuru county was rocked by the 2007-2008 post elections violence which shook it to the core. This destroyed not only businesses and income generating opportunities but also saw many lives lost. Hon. Kihika is passionate about peaceful coexistence as an ingredient to development and intends to continue lobbying for peace while ensuring responsibility; free speech is not freedom of expression.

Economic Empowerment

Youth require economic empowerment opportunities to ensure that they are meaningfully contributors to the economy. To achieve this, Hon, Kihika intends to continue lobbying for increased resources and opportunities for young people, with whom she has been working with in financial growth and economic development.

Gender equality

Nakuru county has faced cases of gender parity with few women elected into leadership position. Upon her election into the Senate, Hon. Kihika emphasizes that time is ripe for the constituents to support more women in leadership positions with in government and political office and will continue to lobby for gender equality  in order to encourage both unity and development


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