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Hon Shukran Gure studied at Modogashe Primary School where her dream was to become a nurse.After secondary education at Umusalama Girls’ and Madogo Secondary Schools in Tana River, Shukran won the United States Diversity Lottery (Green Card) and went to study in the US. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and a Degree in Public Health, from the University of St. Catherine (Minnesota). Hon. Shukran has also trained in Neurology, Neonatal Intensive Care and Mental Health and worked in prestigious hospitals in the USA, like Mayo Clinic, Fairview Hospitals, and AbbottNorthwestern Hospital, before moving into private practice. A mother of five children was interested in politics after participating in the Obama presidential campaign of 2012 where she made door to door campaigns on behalf of her candidate. Upon returning to Kenya with her family, Hon. Shukran saw opportunity for leadership with the new constitution and had the urge to support the women of Garissa improve their living standards.

Hon. Shukran put up the Metro Care Providers, a home healthcare agency that takes care of the elderly, and the Metro-Area Physical Therapy Clinic, both located in the USA after leaving employment and plans to replicate these services in Garissa County.She is a member of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, and the Committee on Budget and Appropriation.

Development Agenda:  


Women and girls suffer low literacy levels in a county where the overall literacy level is already low. This has resulted in poverty and school dropouts. Hon. Shukran intends to build market stalls for women to trade their merchandise while also fundraising to construct girls’ boarding schools for more girls to get educated. She intends to proactively engage women and girls in development.

Economic Empowerment

Many of the residents of Garissa are pastoralist and depend on livestock for livelihood. This presents a challenge due to the pastoralist nature where many end up not having identification documents such as ID cards and this has resulted in issues with security. Upon her reelection Hon. Shukran intends to lobby for access to identification documents early as well as engage the youth in alternative activities that will generate wealth. She also inends to table a Motion that will assure the security for pastoralist communities.


The other issue that is rampant in Garissa that Hon Shukran intends to address is the re-registration of Kenyan Somalis who falsely acquired refugee status in order to get scholarships for studies abroad where some of the refugees cannot receive Kenyan Citizen Registration due to the falsified records.

Hon. Shukran intends to enable more than 150 young men and women enjoy citizenship status and constructively contribute to the economic development of the county.

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