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Serah was born in Nyeri County. She went to school at Ngunguru Primary School and later joined Mutira Girls’ High School. She later proceeded to Kenyatta University where she pursued a Higher Diploma in Business Management and a Diploma in Public Relations. Serah holds a Certificate in Information Technology from the Aberdares Institute.

She is motivated by the fact that she has been able to effectively tackle the difficulties she has faced in her business and thus she can also be able to solve the challenges faced by the people of Konyu ward if elected as the Member of County Assembly. Her vision is to ensure that every woman and youth in Konyu ward is empowered economically by engaging them in income generating activities which will in turn raise their standards of living.

Serah has been working as a community health worker for five years. She later opened her own business which has created employment opportunities for many women and youth in Konyu ward. She has worked closely with women groups such as Kirigo Women Group, Kibuu Women Group and Karogoto Youth Group; training them on table banking and also connecting the youth and women to different non-governmental organizations like IFAD which has been funding some of them. A key achievement includes the funding of Konyu ward to the tune of three hundred thousand shillings which was used to start dairy goat farming and horticultural farming, now earning the locals of Konyu ward a regular source of income that has greatly improved their lives.

Development Agenda:  

Women Empowerment

In Konyu ward there are four administrative locations and many people in the area live in poverty. Many families are headed by women and are supported by small businesses. If elected as the leader, Serah will ensure that all women are empowered by engaging them in income generating activities and providing them with development funds from the government like the Uwezo and Women Development Funds which will help them with capital to start or expand their businesses.


Most of the health centers in the ward have inadequate medicines and lab equipment. As its leader, Serah will liaise with county government to ensure that all health centers for Konyu ward are facilitated with drugs and the necessary medical equipment. She will also ensure accountability where the money allocated for health is used appropriately.

Youth Empowerment

Many youth in Konyu ward have potential which has yet to be exploited due to the lack of resources. The youth are also idle and have indulged in drunkenness, begging along streets and petty crime due to hopelessness. If elected as its leader, she will help the youth of Konyu ward to exploit their talents and assist them to benefit from funds set aside for youth, in turn providing them with capital to start businesses and projects which will bring incomes to them and improve their living standards


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