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Ruth has been working with Tuungane youths project in Kisumu since 2006. The project works with youths from six major slums in Kisumu where she coordinated a program of young people living with HIV/ AIDS and covered the whole of Kisumu county. In this program, she was able to work with more than 3000 people living with HIV and discordant couples within the age bracket of 19-24 years of age. In 2008, she worked with Impact Research and Development Organization in Kisumu county on a project which was dealing with sex workers groups, Gay men, Street children and alcoholic anonymous groups in Kisumu county. In 2011, she initiated positive health dignity and prevention program in Migori county where she worked with groups through health facilities such as Dede, Awendo, Bangot, Sibuoche and Rongo district hospital. This program enabled her to work with 200 groups of people living with HIV and AIDS and 30 groups of discordant couples.

In 2013, she worked with the Initiative for Girl Education and empowerment where she worked as the programs manager and managed to mobilize funds to educate eighty-four girls who had dropped out of school. Due to her passion in helping the young needy persons she started an organization that was registered in 2014 and supports girls and boy’s empowerment in schools. Through the organization they have been able to support 230 needy girls from Kisumu county.

Development Agenda:  


A number of people living in Milimani ward and especially those from slum areas are vulnerable to infections such as HIV/AIDs and cholera. Cholera is rampant in this area due to poor sanitation while HIV/AIDs thrives due to prostitution and irresponsible sexual activities. Ruth purposes to continue working with community health workers, the county government and other stakeholders to run programs that will ensure that the spread of these infections is curbed and the sick are well taken care of. She also purposes to partner with local and international organizations to lobby funds to improve the general health services in Milimani ward.


The enrollment and retention of girls and boys in both primary and secondary schools is poor due to poverty in Milimani Market ward. Ruth intends to mobilize the county government, donors and other well-wishers for funding to be allocated as bursaries and scholarships to help young people from poor backgrounds access education.


Milimani market ward has high numbers of vulnerable groups like women, people living with HIV and AIDS, youths and street children. Within these groups unemployment rates are high which has contributed to many people living below the poverty line. Ruth purposes to work with these vulnerable group of people and help them access Uwezo and youth Funds to start projects and small businesses that will enable them earn a proper living through income generating activities thus improving their standards of living.


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