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Rose Atieno was born in Kobuya village, Karachuonyo constituency of Homa Bay county. The mother of five is married in Wang’chieng ward of Homabay county. She attended the Salvation Army Primary School and Secondary Schools before joining Rodi Training School where she graduated with a Certificate in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management Studies. She went through a lot of suffering growing up and this is where she borrows her motivation from so that if elected she will endure that other children do not go through the kind of troubles she went through. Her vision is to help young girls so that they do not go through what she went through growing up.

Rose is the founder of Faith International Ministry (church) in Homa Bay, Wang’chieng ward. She has taken care of over 3000 orphans, widows, vulnerable people and the disabled through the ministry. She has also been involved in the prisons ministry. She is the National Chairperson of the Association of Music Artistes (AMA) which received accreditation by the IEBC to conduct voter registration in Belgut constituency of Kericho county between 2017 and 2018. The association has more than 4800 members across the country. Among its other roles include nurturing of upcoming talents in music through providing small loans to members and supporting members to launch music albums while promoting their music on the digital platform and in media houses as a way to ensure musicians have an income.

Rose is also the Secretary of Paulsrud Foundation which is based in Western Kenya, Rift Valley and Homa Bay. Through this foundation she helps women groups through buying school uniforms for orphans in the groups. The foundation also does rabbit rearing, poultry production and greenhouse set up for self-sustenance for the members and intends to start vocational training for the youth where there are currently 120 youth under this program.

She is also working with environmental group (Evergreen) to introduce agro-forestry to curb food shortage at a national level. Rose is the chairlady of Mwihoko Shalom Women Group, a group that has 150 members and is based in Mwihoko, Kiambu county. Through this group, the members practice table- banking, saving 200 shillings monthly towards business which is contributed to fifteen members each month.

Development Agenda:  


The levels of education in Wang’chieng ward have gone down with many children dropping out of school due to financial constraints and early pregnancies. Rose intends to lobby for the increment of the wards bursary kitty so that as many needy students as possible can be able to be supported to get an education. She also purposes to encourage young girls who get impregnated while in school to go back to class after giving birth. She also purposes to lobby the county government to build vocational training institutions to absorb the high numbers of school dropouts.


Residents of Wang’chieng ward are large scale maize farmers but they are exploited by middle men especially during the harvesting season when the crop is in abundance who come in to purchase it at low prices. This happens because many farmers are poor and do not have access to good markets for their produce. Rose intends to introduce the aspect of food banking in the region where she will work with the county assembly to set up ward silos where farmers the government will buy maize from the farmers at good prizes especially during harvesting season, store and preserve it and sell it back to the residents at affordable prices when the supply goes down.


Feeder roads in Wang’chieng ward are in deplorable conditions thus impacting negatively on the movement of people and goods. Rose intends to lobby the county government to allocate funds for renovating and construction of feeder roads across the ward. She also purposes to ensure that the roads drainage system and sewer lines are properly installed.


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