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Risper Ngerechi was born and raised in Kapkoros village, Ogilgei location, Mosop ward of Nakuru county in a family of four. The mother of two attended Harambee Khalsa Primary School and Nakuru Day Secondary School before joining the East Africa School of journalism where she graduated with a Diploma in Journalism. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She’s lived in Mosop ward her entire life and knows the struggles the residents go through hence she is motivated to improve the people’s livelihoods. Her vision is to offer transparent leadership to the people of Mosop ward.

Risper has worked with Safaricom Ltd Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) where she was charged CSR activities aimed towards helping the less fortunate in the society across the country with a bias to children and their mothers.

She also serves as a co-founder of Nax Investment group, a local youth group in Mosop ward that brings together the young people of Mosop ward and encourages them to invest in setting up businesses. This group is registered and enables the members to access government funding to run their business since members engage in different activities across the ward. She also serves as the secretary of Choronok Women Group which focuses on helping local women acquire water tanks for harvesting rain water and they work together with the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) that finances the project. She is also a member of the Rongai University and College Students Association where they focus on channelling assistance to students from the larger Rongai constituency.

Development Agenda:  


Mosop ward produces young talented athletics prospective but they lack training facilities to help nurture the talents so that this can be fully tapped into as a full-time job for the youth. Risper intends to work closely with the area MP and county assembly to allocate funds for developing a local sports stadium fully equipped with training equipment and facilities for the young athletics talents so that the region can act as a talent development area for athletes most of whom will end up bringing glory for the country as they earn a living.


Mosop ward has for a long time suffered acute water shortages with residents still fetching water from polluted springs and rivers. Risper purposes to lobby the county assembly to allocate funds for water projects such as sinking of boreholes and purchasing of water harvesting tanks in conjunction with other stakeholders to ensure that there is a constant supply of clean water for the residents of Mosop ward.


Mosop ward doesn’t have enough number of ECDE classes to house the high number of children who are joining school. The classes also lack enough learning materials for the children and teaching staff. Risper purposes to lobby the county assembly to set aside funds for the construction of ECDE classes across the ward and also purchase enough learning materials for the children. She also intends to lobby for the employment of more teaching staff to the schools.

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