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Rachel Adika was born and raised in Central Maragoli of Vihiga county in a family of fourteen. The mother of four is married in Lugaga village of Lugaga/Wamuluma ward. She attended Ikumba Primary School and Mbale High School. She is motivated by joblessness among the youth in her ward thus she has thrown herself into politics so that she can help empower the poor. She envisions bringing social economic development to the people of Lugaga/Wamuluma ward.

Rachel serves as the chairperson of Bluelah a local CBO that involves itself in table banking and merry go rounds. The group also offers soft loans to members and the members support one another in times of family hardships and grief. She also serves as a member of Mudembale Women Group that connects its members with microfinance institutions that offers them credit facilities. She also serves as the secretary at the New Bethel Women Group where the members engage in economic activities such as rearing chicken, table banking and merry go rounds.

Development Agenda:


Most of the public ECDE classes in the ward are in poor conditions and are not well stocked with learning materials. Rachel purposes to lobby the county government to allocate funds for the renovation of all public ECDE classes across the ward and ensure that they are fully equipped with learning materials. She also purposes to lobby for the posting of more ECDE teachers to the schools in the ward so that at least each centre has two teachers instead of one as is the trend.


Majority of youth and women of Lugaga/ Wamuluma ward do not have remunerative jobs thus they engage in criminal activities such as robberies, prostitution and indulgence in illicit brews. Rachel purposes to empower youth and women through encouraging them to form groups and register them so that they can be able to benefit from the funds in government kitties set aside for them. She also purposes to help source for job opportunities for youth and women from her ward.


Residents of Lugaga/ Wamuluma ward depend on farming as an economic activity but the high prices of farm inputs such as fertilizers and seeds means that small scale farmers who are the majority struggle to make ends meet since they cannot afford to buy inputs thus it affects the general crop production. Rachel purposes to lobby the county government to provide subsidized fertilizer and seeds to local farmers. She also plans to work with Agriculture Extension Officers to help farmers learn modern farming methods.

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