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Rabecca Megani was born and raised in Kiminini Constituency in Trans Nzoia County and later moved to Bungoma county where she is married and has been a resident for 8 years. The mother of two schooled in Tabani Primary School and later joined St. Cecilia Misikhu High School where she sat for her KCSE exams.  She enrolled for a Certificate in Computer Packages in Excel College in Nairobi. Her motivation to vie for the political position was to help women in her ward to attain self-empowerment that will help them improve the living standards of their families. She envisions West Nalondo ward attain sustainable development through successful implementation of development projects, ensuring access to quality education and provision of adequate clean water.

Rabecca is currently a chairlady of Mama Maendeleo Group which has 57 members from her ward and they have managed to access a loan from the Women Enterprise Fund that has helped the group to establish small enterprises. She has also managed to help five women groups in her ward to access funds from the Women Enterprise Fund that have helped in empowering the members.

Development Agenda:


The high illiteracy levels in Nalondo ward have occasionally forced some of the students to drop out of school to seek casual jobs to help support their families. Rabecca hopes to lobby for employment of additional ECD teachers and the construction of additional ECD centres.  She also hopes to sensitize the parents on the importance of education to help increase the retention rate in the schools.


The streams and the wells dug by the residents in Nalondo ward have dried up which has led water shortage. Rabecca aims at lobbying the county government to set aside funds for the drilling of boreholes in the ward and also ensure the installation of piped water in the households. She also intends to encourage the residents to carry out agribusiness and seek alternative farming methods using the piped water.

Women and Youth Empowerment

Majority of the women and the youth in Nalondo ward are idle due to lack of jobs and Rabecca hopes to change this by encouraging them to form groups. She intends to ensure the youth and women register their groups and link them with government programs that can support them with loans. She also intends to encourage them to apply for tenders in the government procurement processes.

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July 7, 2017
July 7, 2017

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