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Lenah Onserio was born was and raised in Bogetaorio ward of Kisii county in a family of ten. The mother of four is married in Nyacheki ward, Bobasii constituency of Kisii county. She attended Kionduso Primary School and St. Paul’s Nyacheki Secondary School before joining Neema Teachers Training College for a Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education. She is concerned about the way the society has neglected the marginalized persons in society thus this is what motivated her to join politics so that she can find a platform to champion for their rights. Her vision is to help the marginalized in society and to empower them economically.

Prior to joining active politics, Lenah was an ECDE teacher and started the Morning Star Academy in Nakuru county that was started as a help center for the disadvantaged children in the society. She partnered with donors and other stakeholders to ensure that the children who were enrolled in the institution were fully taken care of and everything was provided for them including school uniforms and other learning materials.

She is the chairperson of Bokemweri Women Group whereby they participate in dairy farming, horticultural farming and table banking. She is also the secretary of Mwanyagena Women Group where they basically practice table banking and merry go rounds. The members also help one another in furnishing their houses.

Development Agenda:  

Youth and women empowerment

Nyacheki ward has a huge number of educated youth and women who are jobless thus they involve themselves in criminal activities. Lenah intends to carry out a proposal with an aim of providing a solution to youth unemployment in the ward and also work with other stakeholders to hook young people with employers and opportunities. She also intends to establish a kitty that she will use in purchasing motorbike and Tuk-tuk taxis to distribute to unskilled youths within the ward to enable them earn a living. She also intends to encourage youth and women groups to apply for funds that are allocated for them to set up businesses.


Nyacheki ward has few public health facilities that have a shortage of medical personnel, drugs and do not have enough proper medical facilities. Lenah intends to lobby the county government to allocate funds for the establishment of additional health facilities and employment of additional health personnel.


Nyacheki ward receives plenty of rainfall but people still fetch water from rivers and springs because they don’t harvest water for future use. Lenah purposes to work with local women groups and the community in general and train them on water harvesting methods. She also purposes to encourage them in their groups to support each other so that at least every home gets a water tank to store water during rainy seasons. She also intends to train them how to construct underground tanks for harvesting rain water so that they can always have enough water in their homes.

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July 24, 2017
July 24, 2017

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