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Nancy Wanjiku Kahungu was born 46 years ago in Maringo Hamza ward, Makadara constituency in Nairobi county. She attended primary school in St Patricks then joined Buruburu girls’ school for her secondary education. She is a secretary by profession having attained a secretarial certificate from Reeswood college in 1993. She then pursued a computer course in venture college in Nairobi in 2016.

Nancy is a committed mother of 3 who has also served and volunteered in community social work.

She is visionary leader whose main objective is to transform the lives of people in Maringo/Hamza ward and bring developments that benefit all.

Nancy has served as the chairlady of women groups where she mentored women on how to apply for government funds for their small businesses. So far 5 groups have benefited from Uwezo funds and WEF.

She has also been on the frontline in organizing youth sports events within her ward in an effort to nurture talent and create opportunities within and without the ward for the talented youth.

Additionally, she has been advocating against alcohol and drug abuse among youth and men. She holds talks with youth on the same.

Development Agenda:

Youth Empowerment

In Maringo/Hamza ward, there is no functional social and empowerment hall for the youth. The youth in the ward commute to other wards for practices and talent search. Upon election, Nancy promises to build a youth empowerment center and ensure it is well equipped and functional to benefit the youth in her ward.

Inadequate Water

Maringo/Hamza is a populated ward but affected by serious inadequacy of water supply. There is serious water rationing in the area too. Once Nancy is elected, she hopes to collaborate with Nairobi water through the area MP to ensure adequate water flow in the homesteads.


Maringo/Hamza ward has been in a rotten state for a long time as a result of open garbage disposal. This has posed a serious health hazard among the residents. The organization assigned to collect garbage has not been seen in operation in the ward. Once elected, Nancy will lobby the county government to ensure the piled up garbage is collected and taken to the dumpsite. She also plans to engage the youth in garbage collection which in turn will create jobs for the youth.

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July 6, 2017

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