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Nancy Chemtai was born and raised in Sikhenda village, Kiminini constituency of Trans Nzoia county from a family of eleven. The mother
of one is married in Moi’s Bridge ward, Soy constituency of Uashin Gishu county. She schooled at Birunda Primary School and Shikoti Girls
High School before enrolling at Riccatti Business College of East Africa where she graduated with both a Certificate and a Diploma in
Computer Engineering.
Nancy is disturbed by how backward Moi’s Bridge ward is in development and this has motivated her to lead in order to bring back
positive development to the ward. Her vision is to create equal distribution of resources and opportunities for the residents of Moi’s

Nancy is the Secretary of the Badilika Self Help Group that has a membership of over 80 people who practice table banking and merry go
rounds. They also practice poultry farming, greenhouse farming and also engage social activities to empower members. She also works
as a marriage counsellor where she counsels mostly young couples in her ward working under the Redeemed Gospel Church.

Development Agenda:


Feeder roads in Moi’s Bridge ward have been neglected and when it rains almost all the feeder roads become impassable with bushes
encroaching on the road. Nancy intends to work with the county government and donors to tarmac all the feeder roads across the ward in
phases so that they improve trade.


The youth and women of Moi’s Bridge ward languish in poverty due to neglect. Nancy plans to encourage youth and women to form
groups so that they can take advantage of the government funds and county government tenders that have been preserved for them so
that they can be able to fend for themselves.


Majority of the residents of the water do not have access to clean safe water since they still draw water for domestic use from rivers.
Nancy aims to lobby the county government to allocate funds for the installation of water reservoirs in every location of the ward so as to
supply the residents with clean safe water.

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