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Millicent was born at Seme Katieno, Kisumu West constituency in Kosuong village in a family of seven. The mother of four is married in Rarieda but lives with her family in Migosi ward of Kisumu Central constituency. She schooled at Barkorwa Primary School and Kisumu Central Secondary School before joining the Kenya Institute of Management where she graduated with a Diploma in Clearance and Forwarding. Millicent has been motivated to leadership from an inner passion to help the less fortunate in the society by empowering them economically. Her vision is to empower women and youths and improve the general infrastructure of Migosi ward.

Millicent has been working with different women groups in her community. Millicent is the assistant chairperson and a member of Maendeleo ya Wanawake in Migosi area where the group is engaged in projects that are aimed towards empowering the local woman. She is also a member of Kenya Women Finance Trust initiative in Kisumu where the group basically engages in activities such as table banking, selling of plastic chairs and other housewares as they save their money with the microfinance institution so that they can be able to access credit facilities. Table banking has enabled members to borrow loans for setting up or boosting their businesses. Millicent is also a business woman in Migosi who runs one of the most prosperous M- pesa shops in the area.

Development Agenda:  


Migosi ward has a huge population of unemployed youth and women thus crime rates are on a high. Prostitution and indulgence in drug and substance abuse among women and idle youth is also rampant in the area. Millicent intends to run campaigns across the word to sensitize the residents on entrepreneurial and financial management skills as well as encourage them to engage in economic activities where she will help them access business funding through donors and government funds.


The ward has a very high number of school dropouts and the distribution of bursary funds to needy students is unfair thus many deserving people don’t get bursaries despite applying for them. Millicent purposes to lobby the county government to increase the allocation of bursary funds and ensure fairness in distribution so as to ensure that needy students are able to access education and remain in school for the entire duration of their studies.


Migosi ward only houses one health facility that is fully equipped with drugs and medical facilities to cater for patients with the rest of the dispensaries being dormant which forces the residents to travel to other wards to seek for medical services due to congestion in this one facility. Millicent intends to lobby the county government to allocate funds for the setting up of additional health facilities within the ward. He also purposes to lobby for the upgrading of the other existing facilities and stocking them with enough drugs.

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