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Milka Nduta was born and raised in Kiplombe/ Kapsuswa ward of UasinGishu county in a family of three. The mother of one is married in Kiplombe ward and attended Eldoret Union Primary School and St. Cecilia High School, Mautuma before joining the Eldoret College of Professional Studies where she graduated with a Diploma in Sales and Marketing. Her motivation is borrowed from an inner urge to offer transparent and transformative leadership to the people hence her vision is to bring socio economic development to the people of Kiplombe ward.

Milka is a member of the Eldoret ICT forum which is a charity organization that does charity work across Uasin Gishu county. The organization works closely with local churches, well-wishers and donors such as the Badilisha Maisha Centre, SOS and Child Rescue Centre to help distressed mothers especially prostitutes, drug and substance abusers and those who are from broken marriages to live positive lives. The ICT forum group is based in the metropolis of Eldoret and has over 30 members.Milka has also experience working as a sales and marketing person such as Bastol Computers in Nairobi in and Future Tea company in Eldoret.

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Kiplombe ward has very few ECDE centres forcing children to flock in the few centres thus teachers are forced to handle very large numbers. Some areas also do not have ECDE centres nearby thus children are forced to walk very long distances to access education while others are forced to remain at home and start school late since they cannot persevere walking long distances. Milka purposes to lobby for the construction of more ECDE classes across the county to bring school closer to every child.

Kiplombe ward also suffers from insufficiency of health facilities and the few that are available are not well equipped with medical equipment and drugs. The facilities also do not have enough medical personnel to cater for the residents of the ward. Milka intends to lobby the county government to allocate funds for the renovation of the existing public health facilities. She also purposes to use the funds to construct new health facilities so that every resident of Kiplombe ward can access medical assistance easily.


Kiplombe ward has high poverty rates due to joblessness especially among the youth and women who are the majority. This has made criminal activities rampant with robberies, prostitution and indulgence in illicit brews being a common thing. Milka purposes to lobby the county government to create opportunities for both women and youth to enable them get jobs or set up businesses that will enable them to fend for themselves. She also purposes to set up youth empowerment centres across the ward so that the youths can be empowered when it comes to job searches and engagement in economic activities.

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July 22, 2017

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