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Mary Kerubo Oisebe was born and raised in Basi chache ward in Bobasi constituency 61 years ago. She is a mother of 3 and happily married for the last 33 years. She attended her primary education in Kebute school and secondary school in Our Lady of Mercy Nyabururu. She later joined Kenya College of Communication and Technology for a course on front office accounts and a computer course in Pride computer college in Kisumu. Her motivation as a lady spirant is to demonstrate good leadership that will bring forth change in her community. Her vision is to transform the people in her ward to be independent in agriculture.

Mary served as the chairlady of women groups where she mobilized women in groups to apply loans from Kenya women trust fund which benefited them in different areas e.g. construction of houses, purchase of cattle and education for their children. She also encouraged women to do table banking which has in return helped women establish small businesses.She is a volunteer environmentalist where she participates in the clean-up of the river Buyonge.

Development Agenda:


There is no single borehole and piped water in the ward. Residents of the ward have to travel distances to the river and springs in search for water. The same water may not be fit for human consumption since it is not treated. To curb this challenge, Mary will liaise with experts and the county for piped water to be availed as well as dg boreholes.


The roads in Majoge/Basi ward are in bad state. The feeder roads have been neglected thus making transport in the ward a major challenge as well as costly. Once elected, Mary will make it a priority to grade and put murram to make them all weather roads.


Majoge/Basi ward has health facilities that are in deplorable state and face challenges like insufficient drugs. The same facilities are understaffed and lack the essential facilities and equipment to serve people of the ward. Once Mary is elected, she vows to lobby the county government to ensure the facilities are given a facelift and ensure they are well equipped to serve the people in the ward. She also hopes to work with the relevant bodies to ensure the facilities are adequately supplied with drugs.

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July 6, 2017

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