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Margret Kiiru was born and raised in Mukaro village of Nyeri town in a family of five and later as an adult moved to Nakuru town, Flamingo ward where she has lived for more than a decade now. The mother of one who houses three other children attended Tetu Primary School and Moi Nyeri Complex Secondary School before enrolling at the Kenya Institute of Management where she graduated with both a Certificate and a Higher Certificate in Business Management. She also holds a Diploma in Business Management from the Mt. Kenya University and is currently pursuing a BA degree in Business Management from the same institution. Her desire to impact meaningful change, spur innovative development and her zeal to offer a legislative framework that offers opportunity to contribute positively in governance and development among the residents of Nakuru county has compelled her to join active politics. She envisions mainstreaming the activities of the informal sector through enacting an inclusive legislation that promotes all citizen rights to equitable access to government services by establishing a broad-based approach through local and national legislative processes.

Margret currently as a nominated MCA at the Nakuru County Assembly on a National Alliance Party which is a party under the Jubilee Coalition. As an MCA, she initiated the “Live and Let Live Initiative campaign where she participated in: Proposing a motion aimed towards forming an adhoc to look at the article 55 of the constitution that promotes the ideology of right to political, social and economic rights and the duty of state to provide the youth of this country with the same. She also mobilized the county assembly to accommodate youth and women in house committees. At the assembly, she was nominated to sit in the Agriculture, Health, ICT and Environment committees. She also moved a motion to impeach the speaker of the county assembly whereby she was able to mobilize members and secured the required number of signatures to do so.

Before joining active politics, she also served as a member of the National Youth Council representing Kaptembwa location. She is also a founding member of the Leliin Welfare Association that advocates for improved social welfare of the youth and women.

Development Agenda:  

Nakuru county is largely a cosmopolitan county but majority of the youth and women languish in poverty due to joblessness. This has led to high crime rates among youth who also indulge in drug and substance abuse. Some women have also resorted to indulging in drug and substance abuse and prostitution. Margret purposes to lobby parliament to ensure that the marginalized groups of the society especially women and youth who are the majority are well taken care of by the government where the government will be charged with a compulsory with creating opportunities to absorb these groups of people. She purposes to ensure that proper legislations are put in place with an aim of empowering this group economically.


Nakuru county is vast and some areas still do not have proper infrastructural development such as proper roads and electricity connection. Margret purposes to lobby parliament to set aside funds to improve the road network across the entire county and also ensure that every home is connected to electricity.

Women Representation

The interest of the women and the girl child in Nakuru county is not fully represented with a majority of women in the county still suffering discrimination, abuse and domestic violence with the girl being discriminated against when it comes to education and opportunities. Margret purposes to promote the rights of the women and the girl child, this will involve formulating laws and policies that specifically target women and girls through parliament where she intends to lobby and advocate for equity and equal opportunities for women and girls.


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July 24, 2017
July 24, 2017

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