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Hon. Maison Leshoomo the Samburu County Member of National Assembly was born in Maralal fifty years ago, in a polygamous home, where the community largely discriminated against girls. She began her education at St Mary’s Primary School in Mararal before it was cut short while she was in class four when her parents married her off to a man 20 years older, claiming that educated women were disrespectful to the community.

Hon. Leshoomo is married and the mother of three children. Because Hon. Maison Leshoomo never had a chance to pursue further education, this is her motivation to represent her community and particularly the girl child, to enhance the education of girls and counter the cultural norms where girls do not go to school.

She intends to study conflict resolution in order to be an authority in resolving disputes within the county and with the neighboring counties. Her vision is to achieve an equitable and peaceful Samburu county.

Hon. Leshoomo, an advocate for the empowerment of women and girls would regularly attend public meeting, listen in and later relay the information to other women who were not allowed to attend the meetings. This prepared her for the leadership role she was to take on later. Challenging negative cultural practices, she is reknown for advocating against Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages, and frequently stormed into homes and pulled out girls who had been married off and kept them in her house.

She consistently speaks about women related issues as well as mentors younger women and girls who see her as a role model. She has as a result of intense advocacy ensured reduced cases of FGM and early marriages in Samburu county.

In 1992, Hon. Leshoomo contested and was nominated for the then councilor’s seat in Besheba Ward, a position she held for ten years. In 1995, she became a member of Maendeleo ya Wanawake organization, rising to become the chairperson in Maralal district. In 2008, PNU party nominated her to Parliament. The Samburu County MP has been engaged in security and peacemaking at national level, and is a long sitting member of the Samburu District Peace Committee that promotes peace between the Samburu and their neighboring communities. She has also been involved in youth employment ventures, supporting many young people to get employed nationally while others have continued with pastoralism instead of being idle. She is currently fundraising for more youth programs within her county. Additionally, more than 600 elderly and vulnerable people receive weekly food rations from the legislator’s home. She has also sponsored 42 students to high schools and colleges to fulfill the promise she made in her manifesto.

Hon. Leshoomo sits in the Committee on Equal Opportunities and is a member of KEWOPA.

Development Agenda

Youth and women empowerment

Samburu county’s women and youth are marginalized against. Most of them are not meaningfully employed and Hon. Leshoomo intends to continue with eh empowerment programs she has been running upon reelection in order to give them relevant skills to be self-reliant.


The level of education within Samburu county is poor with many of the children dropping out of school. Girls are often married off young nad end up unable to complete or further their education, becoming dependent instead of partners in development of the county. Hon. Leshoomo intends to continue providing bursaries through whch more children can access and complete their education.


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