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Lilian Mukite was born and raised in Bikeke village of Trans Nzoia county in a family of five. The mother of two is married in Moi’s Bridge ward, Soy constituency of Uasin Gishu county and attended Moi Township Primary School and Namwela High School before joining Nairobi Aviation College where she graduated with a Diploma in Social Work. Her motivation is borrowed from her family background since she comes from a family of politicians. Her vision is to bring socio economic change to the people of Moi’s Bridge ward.

Lilian has worked with the Alternative to Violence Project (AVP), Child Rescue Kenya (CRK) and the Change Agents for Peace International (CAPI) where she has been working with her community conducting civic education on women and children rights, and on non-violent ways of solving conflicts. She has also worked with vulnerable people and street children where she has been involved in counselling and finding homes for street children where the children are trained on skills such as carpentry, hairdressing, plumbing, welding and basic motor vehicle mechanics.

She also trained and worked with the NCCK as a civic educator in Moi’s Bridge ward where she helped the residents understand the clauses in the Kenyan constitution that was promulgated in 2010. She has also worked with the caucus for women in leadership as a youth convenor in Soy constituency.

She is also among the founders of the Shirika Women Group in Moi’s Bridge that has over 60 members that engages basically in table banking and merry go rounds. She is also a member of Mulembe and Nyange women groups and they are in advanced stages of registering the latter as a CBO.

Development Agenda:  


Majority of the residents of Moi’s Bridge ward still fetch water from rivers for domestic use. This has forces women and girls to walk long distances to fetch water. The water always dry up or the river levels go down during the dry season and is contaminated since it is not treated thus exposing the residents to water borne infections. Lilian purposes to lobby the central government to allocate funds for construction a water dam within the ward to help store water and supply it to households.


Majority of residents of Moi’s Bridge ward are not covered in any medical insurance policy thus they struggle with settling medical bills. Lilian intends to conduct an awareness campaign drive to sensitize the residents on the importance of getting a medical health cover such as the NHIF medical scheme which is affordable to many. She also purposes to ensure that medical facilities in the area are well stocked with drugs.


The state of feeder roads in the ward is worrying   since most of the feeder roads have pot holes that makes them inaccessible for motorists and Boda Boda operators. Most of these roads do flood during the rainy season rendering them totally impassable. Lilian purposes to lobby for funds from the county government for the opening up and upgrading of all the feeder roads across the entire ward.

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