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Juliana Nafula was born and raised in Webuye Constituency in Bungoma County in a family of ten and has lived in Tongaren Constituency for the past 29years where she is married. The mother of seven schooled in MajiMazuri RC Primary School and proceeded to Mercy Girls Eldama Ravine and finally pursued her A Level Certificate as a private student. Her motivation to vie came from her work as treasurer for Kenya National Union of Teachers for 15 years that encouraged her to vie and help ensure that the funds in the county government are utilized properly for sustainable development. She was also motivated to become a good role model for the girl child in her ward that would encourage them to take up education and leadership. She envisions the youth and women of Mbakalo ward attaining self-empowerment through ensuring they are able to access start capital through the government programs and encouraging them to engage in value addition.

Juliana currently serves as the vice chairlady of Mothers Union in Anglican Church in Bungoma Diocese. She also actively engages as a delegate of Maendeleo ya Wanawake Tongaren Sub-county.  She is a board member at Good Shepherd Secondary School in Kibabi in Bungoma County. She served as a head teacher of Kewa DEB Primary School for two years, Musembe FYM Primary School for 13 years and acting Principal for Musembe Girls Secondary School and Head Teacher Miyuke Primary School for four years. She served as a treasurer of Kenya National Union of Teachers for 15 years and a County women representative in Kenya National Union of Teachers for six years.

Development Agenda:

Youth and Women Empowerment

A myriad of the youth in Mbakalo ward are unemployed while as lack of capital and low self esteem are problems that majorly affect the women in the ward. Juliana is passionate about youth and women empowerment and once elected she hopes to work closely with them to help them establish small enterprises through linking them to government programs that will offer them capital. She also aims at encouraging them to embrace agribusiness through facilitation of capacity building trainings that will

teach them on new farming methods and agribusiness.

Girl Child Empowerment

The young girls in Mbakalo ward lack mentors and role models and this has affected some of the girls hence lacking self-esteem. Lack of access to sanitary towels and early pregnancies has also affected the girl child in Mbakalo ward. Juliana aims at mobilizing the elite and prominent women from Bungoma County to facilitate mentorship programmes in Mbakalo ward and the neighbouring ward to help encourage and mentor the young girls in the community. She also hopes to ensure that young girls in schools are supplied with sanitary towels.

Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Stigmatization and neglect of persons with disabilities is a common occurrence in Mbakalo ward. Due to fear of segregation, parents of children with special need hide their children at home. Juliana hopes to lobby for establishment of special units for children with special needs and sensitization of community members to enrol children with special needs to schools to help the gain education which will help empower them.

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