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Janet Nangabo was born in 1969 at Kaptama village at the foot of Mount Elgon where she was one of several children in a large family. She schooled at Kuywa Girls’ Secondary School from 1983 to 1987 after which she joined college. Displaced due to ethnic clashes prior to the 1992 election ethnic clashes, her family would later relocate to the neighbouring Trans Nzoia county. Hon. Nangabo’s motivation comes from having undergone and overcome personal challenges as an internally displaced person, and the need for equitable resource distribution and peaceful coexistence. Hon. Nangabo’s vision is to see development, social integration and peaceful coexistence with no resident of the county displaced. She hopes to see all the residents enjoying peace, development and good healthcare that in turn will ensure sustainable economic growth. A stickler for success, she intends to tackle tribalism and promote co-existence between the communities in her county in order to spur development while empowering the youth economically by working with financial institutions that can give them business loans.

The current Women Representative for Trans Nzoia County elected on a New Ford Kenya party ticket, Hon. Nangabo’s motivation to seek reelection comes from the desire to continue her track record to improve the lives of women and girls in the county. From an early age, leadership was thrust at Hon. Nangabo when, together with several other internally displaced families, she was once again faced with eviction from her new home in Trans Nzoia county. With no representation, Hon. Nangabo would immediately rise up as a voice for the displaced, advocating for their rights in the face of uncertainty and possible eviction. This saw her work closely with the local relevant authorities that saw resettlement and integration of the new internally displaced families that saw opportunities made available and her leadership streak became more visible, resulting in the setting up of the Janet Nangabo Foundation, a community based organization through which she has been able to give a voice to residents of Trans Nzoia while championing for their rights, particularly in the face of ethnic clashes that rock the county regularly. Many squatter families were resettled and integrated into the new host community through the foundation’s initiative. Other activities run by the foundation include peace building, development of skills, provision of basic healthcare and income generation targeting particularly the marginalized such as squatters and the poor in the county. Hon. Nangabo then ventured into active politics in 2002 while campaigning for her late husband Maurice Nangabo for a county seat where he was to later became the Mayor of Kitale Municipality. She would later plunge herself into politics when she was nominated as a councillor for Kitale Municipality in 2007. Some of her key achievements as a nominated councilor were lobbying for improved access to services by the public and particularly by marginalized people including women and persons with disability within Kitale municipality. She was later elected as the chairperson of Town Planning while serving as a nominated councilor, and this saw Kitale Municipality’s outlook improve greatly. Hon. Nangabo, who represented the New Ford Kenya party’s ticket as it County Member of National Assembly (also referred to as the Woman Representative), was a member of the party’s National Executive Council.  Hon. Nangabo is a member of KEWOPA whom she credits for giving her the skills to better articulate issues including giving her the skills that have seen her make 104 parliamentary appearances (speeches). Janet is also a member of the parliamentary Liaison Committee, a member of the Departmental Committee on Labour and Social Welfare and the chairperson of the Catering and Health Club committee. As County Member of Parliament, she is credited with advocating for the girl child as well as peace initiatives in Trans Nzoia county. Hon. Nangabo has been able to successfully carry on with her late husband’s political prowess beyond the council and is visible lobbying for the Trans Nzoia residents to access improved services that include health, water and sanitation, education, security and infrastructure. She has also been working together with other legislators and will lead an initiative that is meant to mentor aspiring women leaders in Western Kenya in a bid to encourage more young women to seek elective leadership positions and excel regardless of the socio-cultural challenges that they face. Prior to joining politics, Hon. Nangabo worked at the Kenya Postal Corporation.

Development Agenda:  


Literacy levels within the county are low, especially among women. Hon. Nangabo intends to continue lobbying for improved access to quality education by all as a way of improving the overall county literacy levels and economy upon her reelection.

Women, Youth and persons with disability

Culturally, women are discriminated against in Trans Nzoia county. This has seen them undergo numerous challenges including losing their property after the deaths of their spouses as well as not accessing adequate legal representation. Having been a voice for marginalized women and build a reputation for encouraging them to be self-empowered while also respecting culture, Hon. Nangabo intends to increase the number of women who will receive economic empowerment and financial management skills, through which they will support their families and society. Upon re-election she also intends to continue lobbying for increased participation in social development by youth and persons with disability, in order to ensure they are part of the economic development in the county.


The county faces numerous security challenges due to its proximity with clash-prone Mt.Elgon. This has seen numerous clashes resulting in internally displaced persons. Additionally, internal security within the county has also deteriorated due to increased unemployment. Having established a record of forces, lobbying for improved security and better services for the security, Hon. Nangabo intends to improve security in the county if reelected


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