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Jacquiline Kurgat was born and brought up in Kwanza ward of Trans Nzoia county in a family of eight. The mother of three is married in Tunen village, Motosiet ward of Cherangany constituency. She school at Makhonge Primary School and Mokwo Girls High School before joining the Government Secretarial College where she graduated with a Certificate in Secretarial Studies. She is perturbed by the poverty levels among the residents hence she is motivated to vie and empower the people of Motosiet ward economically hence she envisions bringing development to the people.

Jacquiline has worked at the District Commissioners office in the former West Pokot district as a secretary to the DC. She was later employed by the Pokot Integrated Program (POP) a program run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church headed by Norwegians. This initiative was aimed towards training farmers, promoting health and education through sponsoring students. She has also served as the chairperson at the St. Francis Primary School for the blind where under her leadership they were able to start a high school, the St. Francis Secondary School for the blind and she is still serves as the chairperson of the high school board.

Development Agenda:  

Youth Empowerment

The youth of Motosiet ward are affected by the problem of high unemployment rates, crime, drug and substance abuse, high illiteracy levels and a large number of orphan’s due to the HIV/AIDS menace. Jacquiline purposes to lobby the county government to set up a rehabilitation centre within the ward to help heal the youth from drug and substance abuse. He also plans to mobilize the youths to form groups that will help them access the Uwezo Fund so that they can be able to engage in economic activities.


Roads across Motosiet ward that are classified under Class C and D known as feeder roads that are supposed to be constructed and maintained the county government are in deplorable conditions. Jacquiline purposes to lobby the county government and donors for the allocation of funds for the upgrading of feeder roads in the entire ward that will be implemented in phases.


Motoiset ward also suffers from a shortage of health facilities, a lack of drugs in the facilities and a shortage of health personnel. Jacquiline intends to lobby the county government through legislations to lobby for funds to establish a new health facilities in the ward and upgrade the existing one with modern equipment and enough manpower.

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