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Jackline Nyawira Waithaka was born and raised in Nyeri county in a family of five children. She began her schooling at Wambugu Nyamu Academy and later joined Mt Carmel Girls’ High School for her secondary school education. She later proceeded to Multimedia University of Kenya where she pursued a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. Jackline is motivated to leadership by the urge to bring transformative and transparent leadership to the people of Magutu ward. Her long term vision for the ward is to transform the society by instilling values among its residents and leading by example

Jackline has served as the Vice Chairperson of the University Students of Mathira Association and Networks (USMAN) where she spearheaded mentorship sessions in across various schools in the constituency including Karura Primary School, Karatina Girls’ Secondary School, Kiamambara Primary School among many others. This was in a bid to encourage academic excellence among students in the schools so thatthey could also aim to join university and other institutions of higher learning. In 2014 she organized a group to clean up Karatina town as a form of social responsibility. She also partnered with the Global Youth Community against Cancer (GYCC) and the young people of Othaya to advocate for and fight cancer. Between 2014and 2015 Jackline served as the Director in charge of catering and accommodation at Multimedia University of Kenya. During this period she lobbied for the renovation of the ablution blocks and through this instilled dignity and promoted the safe habitation of students inside the campus.

Development Agenda:  


Magutu ward is located along the slopes of Mt Kenya where food farming is a major activity for the residents. They also practice dairy farming. However marketing these products is a challenge and brokers end up buying them at throw away prices. Based on the availability of trust land, Jackline plans to revive the idea of a packaging house where vegetables will be packed and exported. Due to the practicality of this idea, county and external investors can also assist in implementing it. Her vision for the dairy sector is to see the establishment of cold rooms in Magutu ward within five years to prevent the wastage of milk due to poor storage.


There are frequent wrangles due to distribution of water in Magutu ward. Some regions enjoy a continuous supply of water while some regions do not receive any water at all and especially during the dry season. As the elected Member of County Assembly, Jackline will work with the county and national governments to ensure that a dam is set up to harvest rainwater during rainy seasons and the same water is used during dry spells for both domestic and irrigation purposes.

Youths and women empowerment

Within Magutu ward, many youth have turned to drug and alcohol abuse as a consolation mostly due to frustration in life caused by the lack of jobs. One of the solutions to this would be to lobby for the setting up of a rehabilitation center and ensure that 30% of tender allocations benefit the youth of Magutu ward. The 30% tender allocation will also apply to women in a bid to empower them. Funding from the Affirmative Action Fund and Uwezo Fund will also be used for their empowerment through various economic activities. Since the boy child has been forgotten in the process of empowering the girl child, his academics have greatly deteriorated resulting in low self-esteem. As an elected leader, Jackline will organize constant mentorship programs in schools and churches targeting the boy child and through this build his confidence back.


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