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Jacinta Wanjala Mwatela was born in Mwanda, Wuundayi Constituency of Taita Taveta county. One of fourteen children, she attended Mwanda Njawuli Primary School then proceeded to Bura Girls’ High School for her O Level Certificate and Loreto Limuru High School for her A Level Certificate. Upon completion, Jacinta pursued a degree in Commerce from the University of Nairobi.

Married and a mother of five children, her motivation to vie for the Taita Taveta Governor’s position comes from the constitutional provision that encourages women to vie for political positions. Sheis driven by the desire to ensure that the resources availed to the county government are properly utilized to improve the living standards of the residents of Taita Taveta County. Her vision for Taita Taveta county is to see proper utilization of resources that will ensure sustainable development and economic empowerment of the residents through proper accountability checks.

Jacinta is well known for working at the Central Bank of Kenya for over 30 years in several positions including senior management positions such as Deposit Protection Fund Board, Exchange Control, Foreign Operations, National Debt Registry, Banking and Bank Supervision among others. She served as the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya for four years and acted as the Acting Governor of Central Bank of Kenya for 11 months.

During her long service at the Central Bank, Jacinta lobbied for women in the institution to gain house allowances, expanding the medical cover for women to cover her family and improving their terms of services to permanent employment to better empower them. She also influenced the shifting of tax collection from the commercial banks to Kenya Revenue authority. She has served as the Chairperson, Board of Management for Bura Girls’ High School and St Mary’s Teachers’ College.

Jacinta is currently the patron of Mwatate Children’s Home and Rescue Centre. She also supports Villa 16 Children’s Home for children infected with HIV/AIDS, Sibura Station Children’s Home and St. Joseph’s Sisters Children’s Home in Bura.

Development Agenda:

Land use and Water

Taita Taveta county hosts a national park that is more than two thirds of the land, leaving majority of the residents in the county as squatters. Due to the presence of the national park in the county, there is frequent wildlife-human conflict which has led to loss of livestock, crops and even lives. Taita Taveta County has very many water sources especially Mzima Springs yet the residents are unable to access piped water in their households, with the piped water going to Mombasa county. In order to increase access to clean and safe water in the county, Jacinta intends to work closely with the county government to ensure that the residents are able to access piped water in their households, encouraging water harvesting and preservation for use in agricultural activities.

Jacinta intends to also lobby the national government and the National Land Commission to ensure residents are able to access title deeds that will reduce the number of squatters and also give the residents as land owners the rights to carry out agricultural activities on the land. To prevent the human-wildlife conflict, she hopes to work closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service to prevent the animals from attacking the residents in their homes and farms.


The feeder roads in Taita Taveta County are in a deplorable state hindering transportation within the county. This has increased the transport cost within the county, affecting operations and trade. Jacinta intends to work closely with the county government to ensure that the feeder roads in the county are constructed and tarmacked and regular maintenance is done to ensure smooth running of income generating activities.


The academic performance of Taita Taveta County is very low and has continually been deteriorating which has in turn led to high youth unemployment rates. Due to high poverty, there is an increase in the number of school dropouts with students forced to drop out of school because of hunger and lack of school fees and related funds. Jacinta intends to sensitize the residents on the importance of education and partnering with the key stakeholders in the education sector to ensure universal access to education by the children in the county.

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