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Grace Kaptui sat for her Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) at Solian Primary School and proceeded to Kapropita Secondary School and Lugulu Girls’ High School for her O and A level education. She later joined the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA), earning a Certified Public Accountancy (CPA 5). Hon. Kaptui has worked with the Medical Training College (MTC) from 1982 until she joined politics. The mother of four is among the women elected to the 11th parliament. Hon. Kaptui comes from the minority Endorois community and became the first woman to be elected to parliament from that community. The current County Member of Parliament, she is seeking to recapture her seat as an independent candidate. Hon. Kaptui is motivated by the desire to alleviate poverty within her constituency and to economically empower women and the youth in order to see their fortunes change for the better, where she intends to work with these two groups to set up income generative activities and link them to credit services.

Hon. Kaptui has been able to do various projects aimed at empowering women and youth. These included several income generating programs and linking them to financial sand credit services for their businesses. In the National Assembly, she sits in the Transport, Public Works and Housing Committee and is a member of KEWOPA.

Development Agenda:  


The county has had low literacy rates with many children dropping out of school due to both poverty and unrest. If elected, Hon. Kiptui’s priority in education involves empowering both girls and boys through ensuring they have an equal access to education and campaigning against early marriages which force girls out of school. She will also lobby for more schools to be put up in Baringo South and equip them so that they are able to provide quality education.


Due to frequent cattle rustling, Baringo county is hard hit by insecurity. In order to manage this, Hon. Kiptui will lobby for increased security force deployment in the area and engage the local communities in the county and its neighbors in peace and reconciliation initiatives.


Due to marginalization, the county has poorly developed infrastructure. Hon. Kiptui intends to promote infrastructural development, especially of roads by liaising with the county government and national government to see a more cohesive approach towards development of the county’s infrastructure


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August 1, 2017

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