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Getrude Ngele Mwakio was born 65 years ago. She was raised in Mghange location. She schooled in Mdundonyi Primary school and Star of the sea secondary school for her certificates in primary and secondary education. She is a professional secretary having gone through a secretarial course in government secretarial college. She also holds certificate in land control and disputes boards from Kenya school of law. Getrude later moved to Wundanyi where she married and settled with her husband and 5 children.

Getrude was appointed as the chairperson of the education bursary committee of the Taita district department of education where she served and helped many students with bursaries to continue with their education uninterrupted. She was also appointed to the land disputes appeals committee coast province to represent Taita district from 2004 to 2009. In that position, she helped the Taita people to sort out land boundary disputes. Currently she is the chairperson of a women group which has taught women to produce local washing detergent for the local market

Development Agenda:


Cases of school drop outs both from primary and secondary schools are synonymous in the coastal region. This is contributed by factors like poverty which drives young girls into early marriage to ease the family’s burden and lack of motivation from parents who do not hold education in high regard. Getrude hopes to support feeding programs in all primary and secondary schools. She will lobby the county government to set up a rehabilitation centre for youth in drugs and other drop outs in the effort to reinstate the school drop outs.


Local residents entirely depend on water from the streams which is not fit and sufficient for human consumption and domestic use. Through the ward development resources, she will introduce water tankers for storage. She hopes to work with the ministry of water and county government to identify other sources of water supply to the ward.


The constant challenge of drug shortages in the ward health facilities has affected delivery of services to patients. Getrude hopes to bring an end to this challenge by working with the relevant health departments and the county government to ensure there is sufficient drug supply in all the health centers in the ward.

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