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Frida Jepkoech hails from Chebinyiny village, Ainabkoi/Olare ward of Uasin Gishu county from a family of seven. She attended Chelelek Primary School, Simat High School before joining St. Pauls University where she graduated with both a Diploma and a Degree in Theology. She also holds a Master of Theology degree from the Protestant Theological University in the Netherlands. Her theological background of serving the people is what motivated her into leadership hence she envisions providing and all-inclusive leadership to the people of Ainabkoi/Olare ward.

She has worked as a pastor at the PCEA Kiplombe church where she served the people of Kiplombe diligently and this was her first posting that exposed her to evangelizing to the people. She has also served as the chaplain in Tembelio Secondary School before receiving a scholarship to study in the Netherlands. Currently she serves as a theological lecturer at the Reformed Institute for Theological Training where she trains pastors.

Besides being a lecturer, she is also a member of the Kenya Women Trust Fund for the past seven years where she serves as a secretary of the women of Ainabkoi and is involved in different projects that are aimed towards empowering women.

Development Agenda:  


The marginalized especially women and youth of Ainabkoi/Olare ward live in poverty conditions which has led to high crime rate in the ward, early pregnancies, prostitution and indulgence in the consumption of illicit brews. Fridah purposes to empower both women and youth by encouraging them to form or join groups that she will help register so that they can actively engage in economic activities. She also purposes to connect qualifies youth and women with prospective employers.


Ainabkoi/Olare ward has for a long time experienced water problems with the dry seasons being the worst since water become so scarce and residents are forced to walk long distances to fetch water from contaminated rivers and springs. Fridah purposes to lobby the county government to come up with a permanent solution to the water crisis through sinking water boreholes across the ward and building dams so that residents can have a constant supply of clean water.


Ainabkoi/Olare ward has very few ECDE classes thus children are forced to flock the few existing classes making it hard for the teachers to give the required attention to all the children. The centres are also not well equipped with learning material and staff. Fridah purposes to lobby the county assembly to set aside funds for the construction of enough ECDE classes across the ward and also ensure that they are well stocked with children learning material and qualified teachers.

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