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Forntina Roseline Ngare was born forty-eight years ago in Nyabasa, Mwomoro village, Gichuba ward of Kitutu Masaba constituency in a family of nine. She lives with her family in Mwobo village, Bogusero ward of Kisii county. She schooled at Kebirichi Primary School and Sengera Girls Parish High School before joining St Paul’s Teachers College in Kisii where she graduated with a Certificate in Teachers Training. She also holds a Degree in Maths and Business Education from the University of Nairobi. Her motivation as a leader comes from her experience as the Chairlady of the Millennium Group where she made an impact in the community through provision of various successful welfare programs. Her vision is to work together with all stakeholders for a better developed community.

In 2013, Forntina contested the position of Women Representative in Kisii county on a Narc-Kenya party ticket but lost but this did not derail her from her political ambitions.Forntina has experience working as a professional teacher employed with the Teachers Service Commission for nineteen years and also served as the treasurer of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) for nine years. She has also served as the chairperson of the Millennium Group where she supported fifty vulnerable households with basic commodities including food and clothing courtesy of the Constituency AIDS Control Council. She served as a headteacher at Nyabiyongo and Nyamondo primary schools. She also served as a deputy headteacher in Ongicha and St. Peters Soko in Mosocho.

She has also experience working for four years under the Ministry of Administration, Stakeholder Management and Corporate Services where she worked directly with sub county administrators, ward administrators, and village chiefs in Kisii county with an aim of developing the county. Forntina successfully sponsored fifty women from Kisii County to a cooperative training where they were taught how to form and manage cooperatives. Forntina was also in charge of women, persons with disability and youth under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

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The Bogusero ward residents have continued to experience perennial water shortages due to poor lack of water storage facilities and know how on how to harvest rain water since the region receives above average rains annually. The water access points are also easily contaminated as they are used for both livestock and humans consumption. If elected, she intends to lobby the county assembly to set aside funds to conduct an awareness campaign on water storage, preservation and treatment while also advocating for the protection of available natural water sources. She will also work closely with the Ministry of Water to initiate programs that provide water storage such as underground tanks.


Majority of the residents of Bogusero ward are unemployed thus they are unable to fend for themselves or their families a situation that has contributed to high poverty levels in the area. Forntina intends to create job opportunities for the locals through encouraging investors to put up companies in the region while at the same time sourcing for jobs from within and outside the ward for the locals. She also intends to help train them on how to save through table banking and working with groups.


Residents of Bogusero ward are large scale farmers but they are exploited by middle men especially during the harvesting season when crops are in abundance who come in to purchase the farm produce at low prices. This happens because many farmers are poor and do not have access to good markets for their produce. Forntina intends to introduce the aspect of food banking in the region where she will work with the county assembly to set up ward silos where farmers the government will buy maize and other farm produce from the farmers at good prizes especially during harvesting season, store and preserve it and sell it back to the residents at affordable prices when the supply goes down. She also purposes to work with county Agriculture Extension Officers to encourage farmers to practice irrigation and plant alternative crops other than maize and beans.

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