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Floridah Angila Ashitua was born 32 years ago in Central Bunyore ward, and raised in Nairobi county. She attended primary school Kiwanja Primary in Kiambu county and later joined Blessed hands high school for her secondary education and certificate. She is talented in hair design and beauty where she pursued a diploma on the same from London institute of Hair dressing. She has a diploma in social work from Allison online college.

She is a dedicated single mother of two boys whose motivation is derived from lack powerful women mentors in her community. Her vision is to be a woman leader who women and the larger community look up to for motivation, hope and the desired change in Central Bunyore ward.

Floridah has been a volunteer as human rights activist under The Genevieve Audrey Foundation as operations officer and social worker. Under this position, she was able to rescue sexually and physically abused girls and linking them to rescue centres.

Under the same organization and as a volunteer, she has been on the frontline in advocating for the end of all forms of child abuse in the country.

She is also a volunteer country director for Planet Startup Organization that seeks to equip young unemployed adults in the remote areas of her community.

Development Agenda:  

Poverty Eradication

In Vihiga county, poverty level is at 62% and central Bunyore ward is not an exceptional.

Through Floridah’s networks, she hopes to empower the community members to actively participate in solving the wards problems and mainly through engaging in economic development projects.

 Water and Sanitation.

Jigger menace is a silent epidemic in Central Bunyore ward and the larger Vihiga county.

There is inadequate supply of water in the ward, and accessibility to the existing water sources is a big challenge. On the same note, there is no access to overall information on sanitation.

She hopes to create knowledge sharing platforms for the community members. She will lobby for budgetary allocation to dig more wells to improve the accessibility of clean water for all.  

To fight the jigger menace, Floridah will set up a treatment centre within the ward.

 Education and Skills Development for the Youth

There are many primary and secondary school drop outs which has been greatly contributed by the poverty levels in the county. This has resulted to girls getting married at a young age and young boys engaging in petty crimes.

To ensure retention of students in schools, Floridah guarantees equal and fair distribution of bursaries for deserving students in the area as well as lobby donors to support girl child through scholarships. She hopes to partner with donors and lobby for the implementation of food programs in schools as well as encourage the young women who dropped out of school due to early marriages and pregnancies enroll back to learning institutions and support them through offering bursaries.

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