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Florence was born and raised at Katonyoni village. She is the first born in a family of six children. She attended Sia Primary School and later joined Ukia Secondary School. After high school she joined Mt Kenya University where she pursued a diploma in Business Management. Florence is motivated by the need to change the system of governance which has been rendering poor services to mwananchi. Her vision is to empower everyone in Kathonzweni ward by engaging them in income generating activities and ensuring that by the end of five years at least 70% of the families in Kathonzweni ward are financially stable without depending on handouts.

As a business woman, Florence has been closely working with women and youths. She has helped more than 35 women to start poultry farming and they are now getting incomes from the project. She has also helped youths to register their own companies so as to benefit with government tenders meant for youths. Some of the groups are New dawn self help group, Bakarani youth group and Kaiani women group. All these initiatives have enabled many people in Kathonzweni ward to be financially stable and has raised living standards

Development Agenda: 

Family economic development

Majority of families in Kathonzweni ward are not yet financially stable which makes them struggle to make ends meet. Florence will focus on economic empowerment of families through rational mobilization and utilization of locally available resources. She will also help families to start poultry farming, commercial dairy farming and also organize for community exchange programs.

Youth Empowerment

Countless youth in Kathonzweni ward are still not yet fully empowered and are jobless. If elected as the Member of County Assembly of Kathonzweni, she will ensure youth are benefitting from the funds allocated to then at the county by conducting an intensive civic education across the ward to inform the youth and women groups on the importance of registering as well as acquiring the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) certificate for eligibility.

 Medical insurance

Many people in Kathonzweni ward are not under any health insurance cover. This burdens the families of those faced with huge medical bills. Florence will develop an all inclusive program that will ensure everybody is subscribed to NHIF services. She hopes to liaise with NHIF to periodically set up a registration centre in various points in the ward to ease accessibility for the residents of Kathonzweni.

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July 22, 2017

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