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The first of four children, Hon. Florence Mutuawho is the current Women’s Representative for Busia county was born to a Luhya father anda Kamba mother. She was raised by her maternal grandmother after losing her father at an early age, often accompanying her grandmother to most of her church and women groups’meetings and becoming fascinated by herinfluence in the community. This motivated her to leadership. She studied at Arya Girls’ Secondary School in Nairobi and later graduated with a Business Administration degree from the Kenya Methodist University. Florence also holds a University of Nairobi Master’s degree in Project Management and Planning.

The promulgation of the Constitution in 2010 prompted her to join politics. The then employee of World Food Program (WFP) considered this an opportunity to work directly with residents of Busia to improve their lives and stop depending on handouts, having worked in communities for thirteen years while at WFP. As the Women’s Representative, she runs a mentorshipprogram to guide and mold boys on how to become respectable people in the society while coordinating the activities of Mama niMmoja, a foundation for orphans.As the patron of Uwezo Fund in BusiaCounty, Florence has ensured that womenand the youth are well informed in orderto benefit from the fund. To promotesustainability, she encourages membersof the community to initiate projects theyare passionate about so that there can be ownership of the projects. She has worked with youth groups, women’sgroups, physically challenged persons’groups and bodaboda (motor bike)operators’ groups to start Savings andCredit Cooperatives (SACCOs), and tablebanking groups. Hon. Mutua has alsoinformed these groups about Access toGovernment Procurement Opportunities(AGPO) and facilitated the registrationof five companies for youth groups,women’s groups and for people livingwith disability to help them exploit theopportunities available to them.

She is a member of member of the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Committee, and Regional Integration Committee. Hon. Mutua is the secretary of KEWOPA, the vice chairperson of Women Democracy Network (WDN) Kenyan Chapter, a network that prepares women for political leadership through training and awareness creation. She also serves as an ambassador of the Bicameral Parliament for Women in Parliament(WIP), which is an independent international foundation that reaches out to all female parliamentarians to address global challenges.

Development Agenda


Persons living with HIV and widows are generally stigmatized. Other than HIV, poverty has resulted in several girls missing school due to menstruation and the lack of funds to purchase sanitary towels. Hon. Mutuaintends to ensure there is health education and distribution of undergarments and sanitary towels to girls, to help them attend school uninterrupted while lobbying for improved health facilities so that more people can access health services without stigma. She also intends to continue lobbying for programs that encourage cleanliness in order to eradicate jiggers in the county.

Water and Food Security

Although the county has water sources such as rivers and springs, its residents suffer from lack of sufficient clean and treated water and thus are prone to water borne illnesses. Hon. Mutua intends to lobby for improved water harvesting, treatment and piping so that more residents of Busia can enjoy clean and safe water for domestic use.  She intends to lobby for increased access to clean water through piping and digging of boreholes in partnership with the county government while encouraging residents to grow high quality crops for food security.

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August 3, 2017

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