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Florence Kajuju was born in Meru county and comes from a humble background. A mother of two, she studied at CCM Mucuune Primary School, and later at MikinduriSecondary School in Tigania East. She later joined Moi Girls School for her A-levels before proceeding to the University of Nairobi for a law degree. For Hon. Kajuju, becoming a lawyer was a childhood ambition to which she has been committed to. The former deputy chair of the Law Society of Kenya is the second woman MP from Meru county in close to three decades after its first woman MP was Elnina Karimi who was in office in the early 1970s, breaking male dominance in the region, from whom she derives her motivation. Her vision is to see more women and girls achieve their dreams while working with the whole community to achieve economic empowerment and development.

Hon. Kajuju worked as a lawyer running FK Gitonga and Company Advocates in Meru Town more than fifteen years ago and served as the chairperson of the Meru Bar Association. She provided legal assistance to hundreds of people and established a strong community network which came in handy when she sought election as the County Member of Parliament (Woman Representative). She was later to be elected as an LSK (Law Society of Kenya) council member after which she was elected as the vice-chairperson of LSK in 2009.Hon. Kajuju is a member of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, andmanaged to clinch the chairmanship ofthe Regional Integration Committee which is involved in the East AfricanCommunity matters that includes regional peace, trade and integration. Hon.Kajuju worked with other womenrepresentativestocraft the County Social EconomicDevelopment Bill that if approved, willsee the creation of another grassroot fund under the office of the County Member of Parliament that will be modeled on the Constituency Development Fund but will have a ward, constituency and county representation.

Development Agenda:


Access to clean and safe drinking water is a challenge to Meru county residents with many households straining to access it. Women spend valuable time walking in search of water while hundreds of school children spend hours in search of water and this contributes to poor performance in school. Upon her re-election, Hon. Kajuju intends to improve access to water and through this improve school performance and societal productivity. She has successfully lobbied the president and the national government to commission the construction of water dams in the county and intends to increase the number of water access points and dams after re-election.

Legislation on miraa

Miraa has been banned by Britain which is its key market yet it has supported families and provided vital income for miraa farmers. Although she has achieved success in miraa farming policy and intends to continue lobbying for improved legislation that will ensure the crop is taken seriously as a cash crop after her re-election.Hon. Kajuju also intends to lobby for legislation that will turn miraa farming into a thriving economic activity, including their access to advice and other services that farmers get.

Women empowerment

Women in Meru county face discrimination and marginalization and as a result there has been low participation of women in politics and other elective and leadership positions. She intends to lobby for increased resources towards empowering women and girls and throughthishavemorewomeninelectiveandleadershippositions from the county

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