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Flidah was born in Kathera village, Kiambere lo ation of Kiambere ward. She was later brought up in Mutuobale location in Kiambere ward. She is the last born in a family of seven children. Married and now a mother of two, Flidah schooled at Mutuobare Primary School and later joined Mariari Girls’ High School where she sat for her O levels. Afterwards she joined Rifkins Business College where she graduated with a Diploma in Sales and Marketing and a Diploma in Public Relations. Later she joined the College of Insurance where she pursued a Certificate in Insurance. Being the first girl to attend school in her family greatly motivated her towards girl child education and also into leadership position. The knowledge she has obtained in school and the experience she has gained through the interaction with people in her community has also motivated her to represent them in the county assembly. Her vision is to positively change Kiambere ward and the society at large where everyone will be empowered economically.

Flidah has served as the Secretary of Kiambere Welfare Association for two years where she was able to organize burial ceremonies in Kiambere ward. While in high school she also served as the Secretary of the Young Farmer club where she mobilized other girls to plant potatoes and rear chicken which provided a continuous supply of eggs and potatoes in the school, a great achievement that was praised by teachers.

Development Agenda:


Within Kiambere ward there are five dispensaries and only three of them that are functioning. There is also a challenge in the services being offered by the three operational dispensaries as there is shortage of laboratory services, drugs and there is no ambulance in any of the dispensaries. Some, like Kiambere and Riacina have not had any improvements or developments done on them for a long time. As the elected Member of County Assembly for Kiambere ward, Flidah will work with the county and national governments to ensure that all the dispensaries in the ward are well equipped and facilitated with laboratory equipments, drugs and ambulances. She will also work with the county government to ensure that at least one of the oldest dispensaries is converted to a hospital.


There is a low literacy level in Kiambere ward. Poor parents are also asked to pay two thousand shillings for bursary forms which most cannot afford. Additionally, polytechnics in Kiambere ward are not fully equipped. As its leader, Flidah will ensure the fair distribution of bursaries in Kiambere ward so that all needy and willing children have access to education. She will also liaise with the county government to ensure that all polytechnics in the area are fully equipped to provide Kiambere ward youth with the skills that can help them secure jobs.


Water has been a challenge to people the community. During dry seasons many women and children travel for long distances to search water in rivers and some of them end up being killed by crocodiles in rivers. This water is also not safe for drinking. As the elected Member of County Assembly, she will ensure that Embu Water And Sanitation Company provides piped water to all locals of Kiambere ward. Water catchment areas will also be constructed and she will search for sponsorship from the government and non financial organizations to increase the number of boreholes and improve the conditions of the existing ones. This will ensure Kiambere ward residents have access to clean and safe water for domestic use.


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