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Eunice Gathigia Gathua was born and raised in Nyeri county 59 years ago. She is a dedicated mother of two. She sat for her KCPE and KCSE at Muruguru primary and secondary school respectively. She is a professional secretary with a certificate in secretarial from Cambridge secretarial college. In 2016, she attained a diploma in community development from St. Pauls University. She also holds a higher diploma in theology from Presbyterian university.

The desire to bring a change in Kahawa Sukari ward has given her the motivation to vie for a leadership position. She believes she is an agent of change and a visionary leader the Kahawa Sukari ward members have long yearned for.

Eunice served as the chairperson of Kahawa Sukari Plot owners association for three years. During that time, she fought for the rights of the middle class residents and campaigned to promote peaceful coexistence and equity.

She also served secretary of Kiambu County Stakeholders Association where she advocated for the rights of the small traders and their licenses to be lowered by the county governments. Some of the levy was even abolished.

Development Agenda:


There are many open roads within the ward that has greatly heightened insecurity. To curb this issue, Eunice plans to work with the area MP to erect gates in the estates and ensure they are manned.

She also intends to work with the local administration to increase patrols in the estates so as to enhance security

Water and Sanitation

There is no adequate water supply in the ward. Many households are forced to buy water for daily consumption and domestic use. Others are compelled to go for distances within the ward to buy water.

There is no proper drainage system in the ward. Thus causes floods during rainy season rendering roads impassable and hazardous to the residents.

Eunice hopes to inform the residents on the importance of water harvesting and storage. She will lobby for funds and work with the residents to revive the already existing borehole and erect tanks at strategic points in the estates to ease accessibility of water.

Women, Youth and PLWD Empowerment

Majority of the women and youth groups are not registered thus rendering them not eligible government funds rightfully allocated for them. The disabled people on the other end are alienated and lack information on how to access the funds and opportunities. Eunice intends to carry out a civic education across the ward to inform the youth, women and disabled groups on the importance of registering their groups and how to register their groups to enable them to access funds from government kitties.

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July 6, 2017

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