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Elly Tindi Manasseh was born in Mabusi village, Tongaren ward of Bungoma county in a family of six. The mother of three is married in the same village, Tongaren ward of Bungoma county. She schooled in Mabusi Primary School and Ndivisi Secondary School before joining the Eldoret College of Professional Studies where she graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communication. Elly is development conscious and this is what has motivated her to contest thus her vision is to bring development to the residents of Tongaren ward.

Elly is not new to politics and in 2007 she worked as a nominated councillor in Bungoma county assembly for five years. During this period, she facilitated the launch of Tongaren Kiminini Boda Boda Sacco offers credit facilities to Boda Boda taxi operators across Tongaren ward. She also worked with the county government to construct two secondary schools namely: Tongaren and Milele secondary schools. She has also lobbied for the construction of five ECDE centres and two village polytechnics in Tongaren ward.

She works closely with Makhonge, Mabusi and Tungaren Women Groups as a patron where she has been instrumental in helping register the groups and offer support in terms of capacity building to the members.

Development Agenda:  


Tongaren ward suffers an acute shortage of water and people are forced to walk and queue for long hours in search of water. Elly intends to work closely with the area MP and national government to lobby for funds for the establishment of a water treatment plant in the ward and set up water reservoirs to pipe the water to the homesteads and local schools across the ward.


Tongaren ward has a huge number of educated youth and women who are jobless thus they involve themselves in criminal activities. Elly intends to carry out a proposal with an aim of providing a solution to youth unemployment in the ward and also work with other stakeholders to hook young people with employers and opportunities. She also intends to establish a kitty that she will use in purchasing motorbike and Tuk-tuk taxis to distribute to unskilled youths within the ward to enable them earn a living. She also intends to encourage youth and women groups to apply for funds that are allocated for them to set up enterprises.


Tongaren ward has a shortage of ECDE centres creating congestion in the existing classes and forcing children from regions without ECDE centres to walk long distances to access education and those who can’t walk long distances are forced to remain at home thus many children begin school late. Elly purposes to lobby the county assembly to set up funds for construction of public ECDE centres across the entire ward.

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