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Dorcas Jebet was born and brought up in Kapko village, Kapsangere ward of Aldai constituency in a family of twelve. The mother of four is married in Kapsoya ward of Ainabkoi constituency. She went to Kapko Primary School and Kisumu Girls High School before joining Cambridge Secretarial College where she graduated with a Certificate in Secretarial Studies. After completing studies, she struggled getting employment thus she joined the informal sector and this is what has motivated her into leadership hence her vision is to help create job opportunities both in the informal and formal sectors.

Dorcas founded the Eldoret East Juakali Association in Kapsoya ward where she serves as the secretary general since she ventured into the informal sector immediately after college. This group brings together local welders, motor vehicle mechanics, tailors, hairdressers and carpenters. She has worked in the informal sector for the past 24 years and built her own empire where she currently employs a number of local youths. She also founded the Eldoret East JuaKali Sacco with 35 active members where they are able to offer soft loans to members.

She ventured into active politics in 2013 where she contested the MCAs position in Kapsoya ward on an ODM party ticket where she finished fifth out of nine contestants. Currently she serves as the chairperson of the ODM party in Ainabkoi constituency and acting chairperson of ODM in Uasin Gishu county.

Development Agenda:

Youth Empowerment

Majority of the youth in Kapsoya ward have continued to languish in poverty thus crime has become a norm in the area. Dorcas purposes to work with people in the informal sector to offer trainings to local youth especially school dropouts on various fields such as plumbing, welding and hairdressing and offer them jobs as well while others will be able to create employment opportunities for themselves.


Kapsoya ward is in a cosmopolitan urban area but pipe water is a dream to many thus many residents buy water from vendors at exuberant prices water whose source is questionable since the area has experienced water borne infections time and again. Dorcas purposes to lobby the county government through a motion that will ensure that every house unit across the ward is connected with clean piped water.


Kapsoya ward has a very poor road network since most feeder roads are in poor conditions with no proper drainage systems. Dorcas purposes to lobby the county assembly to set aside funds for the upgrading and construction of feeder roads across the entire ward. She also purposes to ensure that the drainage system and bridges are upgraded.

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July 22, 2017
July 22, 2017

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