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Clara was born and raised in Cheptabach village, Boito location of Konoin constituency in a family of ten. The mother of four is married in Kimulot location, Kimulot ward of Bomet county. She schooled at Cheptabaach Primary School and Roret Girls High School before joining the Kenya Medical Training College in Nairobi where she graduated with a Diploma in Community Health. She borrows her motivation to vie from her experiences of poor governance practiced by previous leader hence she intends to come in to offer alternative leadership. Her vision is to empower the residents of Kimulot ward economically, politically and socially.

Clara is a professional medical officer who has served at the Kapset Dispensary, Kimulot Dispensary and Mogogosiek Health Centre. She has worked with different groups that includes people living with HIV/AIDS, widows and orphaned children and in baby homes especially the Mogosiek baby home that houses over 100 children. Apart from offering health services, she has also been deeply involved in supporting these vulnerable groups through connecting them with donors and well-wishers who provides them with food and material support.

She also works with women groups such as the Tuinuane Women Group that practices table banking, Chebaibai and Kimulot Fadcom women groups that practices table banking, merry go rounds and are also involved in other economic ventures.

Development Agenda:  


There is high discrimination of vulnerable groups such as people living with HIV/AIDS, widows, orphan’s and single mothers in Kimulot ward thus they live in abject poverty. Clara intends to empower these vulnerable group of people in her ward through initiating civic education in the ward aimed at creating awareness on the importance of giving opportunities to these vulnerable group of people and coexisting peacefully. She also purposes to empower widows and single women economically through women groups so that they can be able to provide for their families.


Bursary and CDF education funds are distributed to pupils and students discriminately thus many needy students do not benefit hence a high number of school drop outs in Kimulot ward. Clara purposes to lobby the county government to increase both the bursary and CDF kitties in the ward and ensure that the funds are given to the deserving needy persons. She also purposes to work with donors and well-wishers to create a separate education fund that will ensure that as many needy students as possible receive educational support.


Kimulot ward suffers from poor feeder roads that have been neglected by previous regimes thus hindering on economic development of the region. Clara intends to lobby the county government to set aside funds for the upgrading and tarmacking of feeder roads across the entire ward in phases.

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