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Christine contested for the MP position for Githunguri constituency in 2007 under the PNU umbrella but lost. During this period, she also founded the Kibaki Tena Lobby Group that was instrumental in the presidential campaigns. In 1992, she again contested during a by-election on a FORD ASILI party ticket and lost to Hon. Njehu Gatabaki. She was also an observer during the review of the Kenyan constitution at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.

Christine was a member of the Release Political Prisoners lobby group together with the late Wangari Maathai that was formed to pressure the release of human rights activist Koigi wa Wamwere and Anne Kitur. In 2007, she also founded the Amani Cup Limited that hosted soccer tournaments across the constituency advocating for peace among the youth. Prior to that, in the late 80s and early 90s, Christine was a political activist agitating for multi-party politics where she teamed up with Martha Karua, Paul Muite, the late Jaramogi Odinga Oginda and the late Masinde Muliro.

Development Agenda:  


Many of Githunguri constituency’s residents opt to visit private hospitals because majority of the public facilities in Githunguri lack proper facilities for efficient health service delivery. Kiambu District Hospital’s capacity for example, is often outstretched with patients forced to seek medical services from the neighbouring Nairobi county. As MP, Christine intends to lobby for the allocation of funds that will be utilized in equipping the public facilities in the constituency with modern diagnostic equipment and stocking them with an adequate supply of drugs once she is elected.


Due to high poverty and illiteracy levels in the constituency, there is evidence of some parents not enrolling their children in school. The public schools in the constituency also lack proper facilities especially laboratories in the secondary schools. Christine intends to run sensitization forums to educate the residents on the importance of education and work closely with local administrators to ensure that every child of school going age is enrolled in school. She also plans to encourage adults who dropped out of school to enrol into adult school programs for them to acquire formal literacy skills. As MP, if elected, Christine aims to ensure that all public secondary schools have functional laboratories to support the students in practical skills for improved quality of education. She also intends to preserve history through reviving the Githunguri Independent School which the country’s first President Jomo Kenyatta taught to its initial stature.


Majority of the youth in Githunguri Constituency indulge in drinking of illicit alcoholic brews and as a result do not productively contribute to the society. On the other hand, majority of the women in Githunguri are poor, with low literacy levels yet are the sole breadwinners for their families. Upon election, Christine intends to lobby for funds to set up a modern rehabilitation centre to help rehabilitate the youth who have fallen prey to alcohol abuse, and engage them in productive work. She also hopes to ensure the establishment of recreation centres in the constituency where the youth can participate in various activities to help nurture their talents.  To empower women. Christine will encourage women to form groups so that they can be able to access funds set aside for them in government programs and from this, engage in economic activities such as farming and marketing of their produce in Githunguri and beyond.

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