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Caustencia Jelimo was born and raised in Kapteren location of Kamariny ward in Elgeyo Marakwet in a family of five. The mother of four who lives in Huruma ward of Turbo constituency attended Cheberen Primary School and Sergoit Secondary School. She borrows her motivation from her late Aunt Patricia Komen who was the first woman from Elgeyo Marakwet to become a head teacher hence she wants to imitate that and even better it. Her vision is to offer honest, empathetic and impactful leadership to the people of Huruma ward and Kenyans in general.

Caustencia vied for the position of MCA in the 2013 general elections and lost finishing second, previously she had also participated in by elections in 2012 and lost as well. She has also served before as the chairperson of the Orange Democratic Movement party in Turbo constituency where she was the link between women party members and the parties secretariat and she also participated in recruiting members to the party.  Currently she’s a member of the Labour Party of Kenya and serves as it’s national treasurer.

She also serves as the secretary of the Eldoret Association of Street Vendors and Informal Traders (ELASUIT) an association that brings together hawkers, sokoni traders and shoe shiners where she has been able to champion for these traders to be given space to run their businesses and was also instrumental in the setting up of the new hawker’s market in the town. She also serves as the Secretary of the Maendeleo ya Wanawake Association Turbo branch where she has been involved in sensitization activities in the importance of starting and registering groups. In this capacity, she has also been involved in training women on table banking skills and has also connected women with initiatives such as the Inua Dada and Mama na Kuku.

Development Agenda:  


Huruma ward is in an informal settlement area of Eldoret town and the feeder roads are in very poor condition with most of them impassable especially during the rainy season when the roads flood and are muddy and murky. Caustencia purposes to lobby the county government and donors to provide funds for upgrading all the feeder roads across the ward and the drainage system as well.


Youths in Huruma ward are mostly the less educated lot hence a majority of them lack remunerative jobs and live on impulse casual jobs that cannot sustain their livelihoods. Caustencia intends to lobby the government to offer credit facilities to the youth from the area to start up business or expand on existing business so that they can be able to effectively fend for themselves. She also intends to create special business spaces for them within the town to conduct business.


The number of dropouts in Huruma ward is on a high since a majority of the people are poor. Most off these children are on the streets begging or have become street children. This has led to high crime rates in the town among other social ills such as prostitution and drug abuse. Caustencia purposes to work with the county government, donors and well-wishers to create a kitty that will ensure that there are enough bursaries to cater for needy children from the ward.

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July 22, 2017

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