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Caroline was born in Arus village of Solai ward in a family of eight. The mother of two is married in Soin ward, Makutano sublocation, Kipsyenan village of Nakuru County. She’s been a leader all through since her primary school days and has worked for politicians for more than a decade hence borrowing her motivation to also become a leader. Her vision is to empower livelihoods of the people of Soin.

Caroline vied as a Councillor in 2007 under ODM but lost. Has worked extensively with Friends Women Group from Koisama, Kuresye Women Group and Kipsianan Women Groups all from Soin ward that she has helped with registration and today enjoys accessing government funding. She also serves as a member Terik Women Group where they started as a merry go round and today they also visit the elderly, widows and orphans from the ward and assisting them financially and materially. She has also helped register the group and they have applied for the Uwezo funds.

She also worked for a CBO called CEPED based in Rongai constituency where she worked as a paralegal where she taught women on their rights, will writing, issues of domestic violence and property inheritance. She also worked as a personal assistant for Luca Kigen former Rongai MP.

Development Agenda:


Soi experiences water shortages hence it hosts two rivers namely River Rongai and Molo River but the residents do not have piped water. Caroline purposes to liaise with stakeholders to conserve these two water bodies so that the water is harvested and pumped into homesteads for domestic use.


Soin ward is ranked as the poorest ward in Nakuru county and its youth also languish in poverty due to lack of jobs. Caroline intends to empower the youth through offering them job opportunities and encouraging them to come up with youth groups so that they can be involved in economic activities. She also purposes to lobby the county assembly to award the 30% tenders reserved for the vulnerable to the youth.


There are maternity wings that are not functional in the dispensaries across the ward with only one Dispensary that has an operational maternity wing. Caroline purposes to upgrade all the maternity wings in Dispensaries and Health Centres across the ward and upgrade Mogotio Health Centre to a level 5 Hospital.

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