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Caren Wambui was born and brought up in Mathare slums, Huruma in Kiamaiko village in a family of fourteen. The mother of six is married in East Kano/Wawidhi ward, Nyando constituency of Kisumu county. She schooled at Muslim Primary School and Muguga High School before enrolling for a Certificate course in HIV Studies with NASCOP. She is perturbed by the struggle that orphans, widows and the poor in her society undergo thus she is motivated to contest so that she can get a platform to help these group of people. Her vision is to bring social economic development to the people of East Kano/Kawidhi ward.

Caren has worked as a social worker with street family program that was established in Nairobi to rescue and rehabilitate street families. During the program, she offered psychological and social support to them and also referred them to different centers that were established. Some rescued youths were able to join NYS and military which was a great achievement.

She is also the founder and manager of Nyabende support program which is a CBO in Nyando sub county where they do community empowerment, rescuing and referring cases of GBV and offering physical and social support to them. They are also running gender based violence campaigns in different schools like Okanja and Karanda primary schools. Within the group members do value addition to broken rice which they sell to get incomes and also practice table banking.

Development Agenda:


Residents of East Kano/ Wawidhi are forced walk long distances to seek for medical care since the ward houses very few facilities that are not well equipped to meet the health needs of the people. Caren intends to lobby the county government to put up new dispensaries across the entire ward and dispatch trained medical personnel to all the facilities so that people don’t have to walk long distances to get health services. She also purposes to lobby through a bill that is intended to ensure that all gender based violence cases victims are treated for free in all health centers.


Majority of the people of East Kano/ Wawidhi lack information on resources that can help them grow economically. Poverty levels are also high making women and children vulnerable. Caren purposes to ensure public participation at all levels of community development and also involve the community in decision making process and identifying projects they want to be implemented in the area. She also purposes to partner with different institution to guide people in different skills that can be applied to empower them economically.


East Kano/ Wawidhi ward has a large number of school dropout’s due to financial constraints and this has led to many young people to be idle in the villages. Caren intends to work with the county government to ensure all needy children benefit from the education bursaries which will be distributed in a fair and transparent manner. She will also purpose to ensure that vocational training centers are put up and equipped in the ward to provide young people with skills that can help them secure jobs.

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