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Beatrice Munyi was born and bred in Mirunde Village in Embu county from a family of seven and later settled in Nakuru County where she is married. The mother of two attended Kamviu Primary school and soon after joined St. Agnes Kiganari Girls High School where she completed her secondary education. She has enrolled in Lamp and Light Bible School where she undertook a Certificate in Theology and is currently pursuing her Diploma in Theology in the same institution. Her motivation to vie for a political position is to be able to improve the livelihoods of the residents from the high poverty levels that has led majority of the youth to immerse into drugs. Her vision is to ensure that the youth and women who are great marginalized in her community to become self-empowered to eradicate poverty.

Beatrice is currently an interpreter and a junior pastor at World of Life in Christ Ministry for five years where she has been active in all the development projects in the church. She also previously served as the Mother Youth of Emmanuel ACK Church Parish where she worked closely with the youth in the church offering them guidance and counselling as well as mentorship. She also served as the women secretary for Democratic Party in her Nakuru County for two years where she managed to engage with the electorate in her county and ward and vied in the 2007 general elections under NARC Kenya ticket for Councillor position.

Development Agenda:

Women Empowerment

A relatively high number of the women in Shabab Ward are illiterate and this has in turn made it difficult for the women to secure jobs. Accessing capital for them to set up small businesses due to lack of credit portfolio has been a great challenge.  Once elected, Beatrice hopes to work closely with donors and the government to ensure that women are able to access capital to establish small enterprises from government programs and donor programs.


Shabab ward experiences water shortage and the ward has influx of water vendors who have established small cartels that are negatively affecting the residents. Beatrice aims at working closely with the county government to ensure that water stations are established in the county to help ensure residents’ access piped water at reasonable prices.

Youth Empowerment

A myriad of the youth in Shabab ward are unemployed and have indulged in drug addiction especially drinking illicit brews and chewing miraa. Once elected, Beatrice intends to work closely with the county government to construct rehabilitation centres to help reform drug addicts. She also hopes to lobby for the constriction of lockable trading structures for the youth to set up their small enterprises un market places.

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July 6, 2017

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