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Beatrice Elachi was born and raised in Kakamega in a family of four children.

Beatrice, who is married in Kakamega county, Isukha ward is a mother of nine children. She moved to Nairobi county with her family where she resides and begun her political journey. She schooled at St. Teresa’s Primary School and Moi Girls High School Vokoli before joining the African Nazarene University where she graduated with both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Peace and Security Studies.

Her motivation to vie for the Member of Parliament position comes from the work she has done in community projects that has primarily focused on women issues through her role as a nominated Senator. Based on this, she would now like to fully represent the people of Dagoretti North as an MP.

Her vision is to transform the lives of young people through education and the empowerment of both youth and women.

Beatrice currently serves as a nominated Senator for Nairobi county under the Alliance Party of Kenya that was under the Jubilee Alliance Party umbrella. She also serves as the majority chief whip in the senate. As a Senator, Beatrice has been vocal in the senate and has moved a number of motions. This includes a Bill in July 2013 that successfully lobbied the government to reinvent the National Youth Service in order to encourage more youth to join the service after high school. Through this bill, the youth are more empowered where the program includes lessons on patriotism and vocational training. The success of the bill has seen the restructure of the NYS resulting in better service delivery.

Beatrice also moved another motion on foreign affairs which lobbied for the Kenyan embassy to set up ‘safe homes’ to shelter Kenyans who are harassed by foreign employers particularly in the Arab nations. She also proposed for all Kenyan embassies abroad to put up centers with a database of all the Kenyans living in their respective countries. Other motions proposed by Beatrice include the Bill to empower the National Cohesion Commission, a Bill on the improvement of the welfare of police and a Bill on county government to ensure that county revenue is collected and banked appropriately.

Beatrice has worked with the Women Movement from between 2003 to 2010 as a trainer for women parliamentarians under the UN Women. She previously served as a Programs Officer for UN Women under the same organization where she worked in collaboration with the National Council of Women of Kenya and the Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development. Her role at NCWK included conducting civic education for women while her role at the UN Women included assisting in the documentation of the girl child model booklet. Beatrice has trained chiefs in the country on gender with the main focus of making them understand the importance of the involvement of women in decision making organs.

Between 2010 and 2013, Beatrice worked as the Secretary General of the Alliance Party of Kenya which had 59 elected MCAs and 39 nominated women MCAs across the country. The party also had nine elected MPs, two elected Senators and one Governor.

She has actively participated in a number of national and international workshops.

Development Agenda:  


Dagoretti North constituency has five wards with many residents from three of the five wards living in informal settlements and in abject poverty. Most of the families are either women-headed or primarily supported by women who do not have remunerative jobs. The number of school drop outs in the constituency is also very high resulting in cases of high youth unemployment and some youth indulging in crime and drug and substance abuse. Beatrice intends to ensure that the women are empowered so that they can comfortably fend for their families and ensure their children are able to access quality education. She also intends to lobby the government to ensure that bursary funds are disbursed equitably to the needy students in the constituency, to reduce the number of school drop outs which will in turn reduce the overall unemployment rate in the constituency.


Due to poverty where many of Dagoretti North residents cannot meet their basic needs, accessing quality health care remains a major challenge. When they are ill and admitted in hospitals, some of the residents are unable to pay the hefty hospital bills of private and public health facilities and often forced to dispose off their assets to meet the hospital bills. Upon election, Beatrice intends to work closely with stakeholders in the health sector to create awareness on health insurance especially NHIF cover to help the residents access affordable healthcare services.

 Youth and Women Empowerment

Majority of the youth in the Dagoretti North constituency are unemployed and have resulted to drug abuse and crime. Most women, who are the majority in the constituency are not meaningfully employed and cannot provide for their families and dependents. Beatrice intends to work closely with the national government to conduct sensitization campaigns for the youth to encourage them to enroll into tertiary institutions and vocational training centres to help them gain basic skill that will enable them become self-reliant. She also intends on ensuring that rehabilitation centres are established in the constituency and rehabilitation programs initiated for the youth that indulge in drug abuse. She hopes to work closely with the women in the constituency, encouraging them to form groups and SACCOs through which they can conduct rotational savings /table banking and village savings and loans activities that can be used for setting up businesses and self-reliance.


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