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Beatrice Anyango was born in Agoro Sare village of Oyugis town and is the second born in a family of nine. The mother of three is married in Gem, Siaya but lives in Kisumu town, Migosi ward. She went to MM Shah Primary School in Kisumu and Kisumu Girls High School before joining the Kenya Industrial Training Centre where she graduated with a Certificate in Secretarial Studies. She is perturbed by the high poverty rates among the residents of Kisumu county thus this is what has motivated her to run for a political office so that she can be able fight poverty hence her vision is to bring social economic development to the people of Kisumu county.

Beatrice Anyango has worked as a financial consultant at the Africa Development Bank which is an affiliate of the World Bank where donor countries invest funds together to help development projects in African countries. She has also served as the Chairlady lady of Warembo na Uhuru at the county level in Kisumu and has also served as the group’s Chief Whip at the national level and the Deputy Organizing Secretary at the Executive level. This lobby group has a membership from across all the 47 counties across the country with its main objective being championing for president Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership through engaging in social and economic activities. Currently the movement has been able to register over 1.5 million women across the country who are championing the course of reelecting President Kenyatta.

Development Agenda:  


There is a high level of poverty within Kisumu county. Majority of the residents of Kisumu county languish in poverty with many with a high dependency rate on those who are employed or have remunerative jobs. Beatrice intends to engage women in sustainable projects that will encourage independence. This includes encouraging civic education and enlightening them on their rights and what to do or where to go if faced with challenges.


Lack of knowledge on the benefits of getting medical care before, during and after pregnancy has contributed to a high number of maternal deaths. Beatrice purposes to encourage expectant women to go for pre-natal and post-natal care in hospitals since maternity care in all public health facilities across the country is free. She intends to enlighten the women to leave the old culture of giving birth at home which comes with its own challenges and take advantage of the medical facilities available and reduce on child mortality rates. She will also encourage access to vaccinations and treatment of curable diseases like malaria if elected.


Kisumu county has a very large proportion of school drop outs due to financial constraints and other societal problems. This has resulted in criminal activities, prostitution, indulgence in drug and substance abuse and family break ups.  Beatrice intends to conduct an awareness campaign on the need to go to school and the benefits of education by also encouraging literacy classes for the old. In case of dropouts, vocational schools/training in carpentry, masonry, welding, joinery, knitting, dressmaking, cake-baking and salon training.

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