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Beatrice was born in Kochu village, East Kadianga sub-location, Upper Nyakach location of South East Nyakach ward in a family of eight. The mother of three is married in Magombe village of Siaya county but lives with her family in Railways ward of Kisumu Central constituency where she is contesting the MCAs seat. She has held various leadership positions since her childhood both in school and at the community level and this is what motivated to contest for an elective position. Her vision to bring transparency and accountability in leadership.

Beatrice has worked as sales representative with Pan Africa Lite insurance company (Sanlam) as a sales representative a job that contributed in making her a better public speaker and gave her great persuasion skills. She has also worked with different women groups such as Maximus Women Group where she acts as the chairperson. This group practices table banking and merry go rounds among other social economic activities.

She also serves as the chairlady of SEGASEGA community based organization and chairlady Obunga residents association. Through SEGASEGA, they have been able to educate and train youths in different skills such as hairdressing, tailoring, welding, plumbing and catering where they also supported them with funding to start businesses after training. The project also involves taking back dropouts to school where they have partnered with other stakeholders such as the Grassroot trust and Pamoja trust that are involved in youth empowerment projects.

Development Agenda:  

Youth Empowerment

Central Kisumu ward is a cosmopolitan area that suffers high unemployment rates, crime, drug and substance abuse, high illiteracy levels and a large number of orphan’s due to the HIV/AIDS menace. Beatrice purposes to lobby the county government to set up a rehabilitation center within the ward to help heal the youth from drug and substance abuse. She also purposes to mobilize the youths to form groups that will help them access the Uwezo Fund so that they can be able to engage in economic activities.

Empower Women

The ward has a big number of widowed women who are languishing in poverty due to the HIV/AIDS menace. Their husbands passed on from the infection and these women are struggling to make ends meet. Beatrice intends to work with the county government, donors and other stakeholders to create an awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS in the ward and also to help the women get loans or grants to set up businesses that can help sustain them and their families

Water and sanitation

It’s ironical that Kisumu is home to Lake Victoria but a majority of the residents of Central Kisumu ward are not connected to clean tap water thus they buy water from unscrupulous dealers that is contaminated and exposes them to the dangers of water borne infections that are a common occurrence in the region. Albert purposes to lobby the county government and other stakeholders to allocate funds for channeling tap water to each and every household across the ward.

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