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Angela Bali was born and brought up in Nairobi but hails from Komosoko/Nyamosese ward, Kuria West constituency of Migori county. The mother of one schooled at Muthaiga Primary School and partly in Pangani Girls High School before proceeding on to Ogande Girls High School where she sat for both her O level and A level certificates. She comes from the political family of the late Hon Walter Mwita thus this is where she borrows her motivation from so as to keep the family legacy. Her vision is to make the entire Kuria region a united front and provide opportunities for the people of Kuria West constituency.

Angela is not new to politics because in 2007 she contested in the then larger Kuria constituency MP seat on a KENDA party ticket where she made history in the entire Kuria region as the first Kuria woman to run for a political office. In 2013, she joined the Progressive Party of Kenya and again contested the Kuria West MP position without success again. The failure to be elected has not discouraged her since she has continued to diligently serve the people of Kuria on an individual capacity. She has been at the forefront fighting the outdated culture in the region where elderly women marry out young girls to bear children for their husbands.

She has also served as the Organizing Secretary of the Kuria Select Committee where she and the team was involved in negotiating for political positions to be preserved for the people of Kuria who are a minority community in a negotiated democracy due to the advent of devolution that puts Kuria under Migori county.She also worked with Telkom Kenya in the marketing department for long periods where she is credited with helping in founding and heading the Telemart office in Nyeri and Kerugoya areas.

Development Agenda:  


The government has come up with strategies to try and improve the living standards of both the youth and women such as the Uwezo, and other youth and women funds for development. However, the people of Kuria West constituency have not taken full advantage of these funds thus majority still languish in poverty. Angela purposes to mobilize both the youth and women to participate in economic activities through encouraging them to form groups that she will help them register so that they can access government funding to help grow their enterprises.


Kuria region has been blessed with rich and fertile soils and receives an above average rainfall annually but the residents have been producing crops in large scale such as maize and tobacco but end up lacking marketing for their produce or shortchanged by middlemen. Angela intends to eliminate crop middle men from her constituency and partner with industries and honest individuals who will buy farm produce from the farmers at competitive prices. She also purposes to start up farmers cooperatives where farmers will come up and sell their produce together without exploitation.


For a long time, people of Kuria region has lived in the past and continued to practice retrogressive cultures that continues to make the region lag behind in terms of development. Early marriages, FGM, discrimination against the girl child when it comes to education and elderly women marrying out young girls to get them babies are some of the ugly cultures that are still practiced in the region to date. Angela purposes to lobby the government and other stakeholders to help in conducting an extensive sensitization campaign to champion against all the aforementioned barbaric traditions.

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