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Alice Nyanchoka Chae was born in  Riang’ombe Village, Borabu District of Nyamira County in 1968, She schooled at Nyanchwa Primary School and Lereri Girls High School before proceeding to the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication for a Diploma in Television Production. She later joined the University of Nairobi for an undergraduate degree in Communications and Public Relations. Having served as a volunteer at KBC radio in 1997, Alice was later to rise through the ranks to head the Ekegusii sub-service of KBC radio, and later joined Royal Media Services’ Egesa FM nine years later. She was instrumental in airing the Kenmya draft constitution contents to her listeners to enable them better understand the contents of the constitution. This gave her insight into the various roles the new constitution had and the desire to join elective politics was born. Having worked in radio for years and being the voice of the Kisii for a long time gave Alice the necessary knowledge and interaction with the residents and the confidence to vie for the elective Woman Representative for Nyamira County position on an Orange Democratic Movement ticket. She won the seat and has served as the Nyamira County Woman Representative and is seeking reelection for the same seat on an ODM ticket. Her motivation to vie for the elective position comes from the interaction she had while working in broadcast media and advocating for and representing the various needs of her listeners, including enlightening them the draft constitution. An ardent advocate against female genital mutilation and admirer of anti-FGM advocate and legistlator Hon. Lina Jebii Kilimo, Hon. Chae’s vision is to see a community where girls are able to access equal opportunities.

Leadership is something that she has grown with time. Having identified leadership at her high school level, Hon. Chae was able to build a strong relationship with her fellow students who confided in her when they had personal problems that required attention from the school’s administration. She in turn was able to raise the same with the administration for redress, encouraging a better learning atmosphere at both Nyanchwa Primary and Kerari Girls High schools. The sitting Woman’s Representative for Nyamira County is also a member of the Joint Committee on Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library and has made a total of 114 parliamentary appearances. Hon Chae has served as a board member of the Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK).

She has supported girls in accessing sanitary towels within Nyamira county. She is a member of KEWOPA, the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy and the Orange Democratic Movement. When not serving as a legislator or leading in other various roles, Hon. Chae is involved in producing gospel music

Development Agenda:  


Alice is especially sensitive about female genital mutilation which is widely practiced and has had a large negative impact on women and girls in Nyamira count. She has been an advocate against FGM and if elected will work to improve the county’s response to FGM by providing alternative rites of passage for women and girls as well as advocacy within the community to enable them understand the negative consequences of the practice.

Youth, women, girls empowerment

Women and girls are culturally marginalized against in Nyamira county. Youth on the other hand who form the majority of the population are not adequately utilized, due to unemployment and lack of access to opportunities. Upon her reelection, she intends to lobby for increased access to government opportunities that include access to government funding for small and medium businesses and self-employment.


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