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Agnes Jerotich was born and raised in Timboroa location of Baringo county in a family of five. The mother of five is married in Mariashoni ward of Molo constituency where she resides with her family. She schooled in Boito Primary School and Solian Girls Secondary School before joining Tracom College where she graduated with a Certificate in Community Work and a Diploma in Computer Science. Her father is a former village chief and she is also married to a serving chief hence this has motivated her to gun for a leadership position since all her life she’s been surrounded by community leaders. Her vision is to bring social economic development to the people of Mariashoni ward.

Agnes is the current sitting MCA for Mariashoni ward who was elected under the Jubilee coalition a position she has held for the past four years. She has been nominated by the Jubilee Party to vie again for the same position in the 2017 general elections. As an MCA, she was able to push a number of bills such as the Women Empowerment that would ensure that women would be educated through the county government to train them on how to access funds set aside for them by the government so that they can set up economic projects or expand on existing projects. She also presented the minority and marginalized groups motion bearing in mind that she comes from the minority Ogiek group of people, the bill sailed through though it awaits being signed into law by the governor.

As an MCA, she is credited with upgrading a number of feeder roads with marram namely Elburgon-Mariashoni road, DFO-Vikingi tatu road, Mtarakwa- Mariashani road and Arimi Gishangi road. She was also able to build a total of seven ECDE centres namely: Oinotich, Mariashoni Modern ECDE, Segut, Lawina and Komonio ECD centres. She is also credited with upgrading the Mariashani Dispensary by setting up a modern maternity wing in the facility and the construction of the Lawina Dispensary maternity wing.

Agnes is also involved in a water project that is at a piping stage with an intention of supplying clean water to schools, health facilities and the community at large. At the assembly, she sits on a number of committees that includes: Education, Roads and Infrastructure, Finance, Justice and Environment committees.

Besides her work in the county assembly, she is also involved in working with over 30 women groups from Mariashani ward where she has helped register the groups that are actively participating in economic activities.

Development Agenda:  


As an incumbent, she has already jump started work on upgrading and opening up feeder roads and bridges. Agnes purposes to continue working on the road projects she has started working on and even go ahead to tarmac roads especially in shopping centres.


Agnes has upgraded a number of health facilities and intends to continue from where she left by improving them even further. She also intends to lobby for the increment of medical staff to the facilities and setting up of more dispensaries and health centres across the ward.


As an incumbent, she has started work on setting up ECDE centres and vocational training centres. She purposes to continue what she started by upgrading more ECDE centres and setting up more ECDE classes across the ward. She also intends to build a youth polytechnic to cater for the large number of school dropouts in Mariashoni ward.

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July 23, 2017
July 23, 2017

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