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Agatha Chebiego was born and brought up in Sergoit village, Kamariny ward of Elgeyo Marakwet county in a family of fourteen. The mother of eight is married in the same village, same ward and constituency where she lives was born but to a different clan. She schooled in Sergoit Primary School and Singore Secondary School before joining Kericho Teachers Training College where she graduated with a Certificate in P1 Teaching. She also holds a certificate in NGO Management from the East African Vision Institute. She comes from a family of people who have held and continues to hold various community leadership positions thus her motivation to go for an elective leadership position. Her vision is to release the people of Kamariny ward from the yokes of poverty.

Agatha jumpstarted her political journey back in 2013 when she contested the MCA seat in Kamariny ward on a URP ticket but lost during the nominations. She would later venture into working with women and the youth from the ward through a Community Based Organization (CBO) known as Ogilgei CBO to popularise herself to position herself as a serious contender in the 2017 general elections. The CBO has helped in training local women in table banking, agribusiness and financial management. The groups she has engaged include: Bidii, Kichwa, and Tuiyo Bei Women Groups.

Development Agenda:  


There is a lack of business management skills due to lack of knowledge among the women and youth of Kamariny ward. These group of people are also struggling with starting up businesses due to lack of enough funds to support the enterprises. Agatha purposes to lobby the county government to sponsor awareness campaigns that are geared towards arming residents with basic business management skills through sensitization workshops.


Women and girls of Kamariny ward are culturally tasked with the duty of fetching water and are often forced to walk long distances and queue for long in search for the commodity from rivers and springs. The waters from this water bodies from across the ward are not treated thus residents are vulnerable to water borne diseases hence the usual water borne infection outbreaks in the region. Gladys purposes to install water reservoirs and pipes so that clean treated water can be supplied to the residents for domestic use.


Kamariny ward has very few health facilities that are in dilapidated conditions. Most of the facilities lack the basic requirements such as enough water, drugs and do not have enough medical staff. Agatha intends to lobby for funds for the construction of an ultra-modern health facility in the ward and upgrade the existing ones equipping them with enough drugs and ensuring that the facilities have enough and qualified medical personnel to cater for the residents.

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